Friday, January 7, 2011

Essay 1: Why do you Think People Attend College or University?

TOPİC: People attend  college or university for many reasons ( for example;new experiences,career preparation,increased knowledge )Why do you think people attend college or university?Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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First comment:

     People have many different reasons to attend college or university, I believe that the preparation of career is the most important one among others  if we evaluate this area in many perspectives(想法,透视,前途). The ambitious of career  do not only provide  continuous of education but also it is so considerable(相当) to motivate people who attend college or university ıf they assess(评估) (asses=驴) their own future profits. 

     To begin with, unemployment is the main problem in developing countries and even developed countries because of a lot reasons. Therefore, to find a good job is more difficult in today’s world conditions for young  graduates since the rate of competition is too high so they must have a good career and improve themselves in order to success it. To result, college education is the first step to do this.
     Secondly, people have an ambitious of earning money through a lot of ways like trading, writing,  painting  etc. Thus, students’ thoughts are  not more different than others while they are studying and attending their classes. In future, they want to have high life standards, are enough to live in comfortable conditions. They achieve it by the way of good career,is won by college education.After they maintain some qualifications, they can be admitted in a good position by a good company.Hence , It means the door opens with good wages.
    Finally,  It is not only significant(重要) for material areas but only it is interested with immaterial feelings of people. For instance,  If we imagined the successful occupation for our career hopes like the Microsoft’s Ceo, what would you feel?  You are successful, you are an unique person, you are a special person, are only few sentences which explain your feelings.Therefore, a good career manage your immaterial  sides with your material sides,exactly.
    Consequently, I believe that education opens a lot of doors in our lives.Thus, its importance is indisputable(无可争辩) and it provides so many profits to students, especially the preparation of career is the most important one.


Comment 2:

     Colleges or universities are institutions(惯例,制度) of knowledge. People attend to colleges or universities are mainly to pursue(追求)  education in the preferred area of study for better future and career interests. Different people have different reasons, but all of them have one thing in common and that is to gain knowledge.

     According to my opinion,the first reason is academic. An individual goes to a college/university to study a particular course that interests him/her which would inturn be a stepping stone in their career. After completing a degree, the individual would qualify for a certain job or career opportunity that he or she were not eligible(资格) for earlier.

    The second reason would be to get guided aid. One can get access to experienced professors  when they join a university who can help in making correct choices. A teacher or professor would advise you to take correct paths and lead you in correct direction and help you,  so you can achieve your goal and be successful in future endeavors(努力).
    The  third reason would be exposure(曝光) to different cultures(文化) and people. Studying in universities gives you an opportunity to meet different people, from different backgrounds, and different cultures, and helps you get broad minded and exposes you to different types of mentalities. Meeting new people and communicating with them helps in improving your communication skills and socialising(社交) skills. when you meet people from different backgrounds you tend do become aware(知道,注意) of lot of things due to the different experiences you've had.
     In conclusion, according to me people prefer going to College or Universities for various reasons. I personally would do so to gain knowledge, better career path and exposure to different environments and experiences.


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