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Essay 2: Some people like to doing work by hand. Others prefer using machines.Which do you prefer?

Essay 2: Some people like to doing work by hand. Others prefer using machines.Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
Here are the few examples that copy from internet.

    Here's the problem. I'm sloppy. That's why I like to use machines to do my work rather than do things by hand. Machines can be creative, precise, and efficient.
    Most people think that you can only be creative if you do things by hand. However, it takes creativity to set the machine up. Once it's set up, it can repeat the same task over and over and over perfectly. If you want to write ten letters, you can set up your word processor to do it, press a button, and ten letters will be printed. It would take me forever by hand, and I would make a lot of mistakes. By hand, each letter would be different. By machine, each one is perfect.
    Machines are very precise. They don't get tired and cut the wrong way. They don't get distracted and drop some mustard on the paper. As I said, I'm sloppy, but I like neatness. That's why I prefer to use machines.
    Machines are also more efficient. I'm too tired to pick up the phone and see who is calling me. My answering machine isn't tired. It's always on duty. It doesn't get tired, upset, or moody.
    I can depend on my machines, but I can't always depend on my hand to be creative, precise, or efficient.
 Careless and unsystematic; excessively casual(马虎)

Unable to concentrate because one's mind is preoccupied(愣)

the seeds of a mustard plant(芥末)

mean clean and in good order(整洁)

    Many people like to work by hand, in contrary, machine can do numerous great jobs better than human. In my opinion, working with machine has several advantages, such as safer, neater, and quicker. Machines have offered several jobs that are impossible for human to do.

     When people work by hand, the risk of damage is very high. If they don't pay attention carefully during work, parts of body can gone. For example, long time ago, employees of a cannery in steveston, canada, worked by hand. In fact, it was very common that the employees lost their fingers, hands, and other parts of body. Eventually, machines were introduced to the cannery, and the number of injury people began to decrease.

    People can get tired, frustrated, bored, or other conditions that affect their work, whereas machine can't. When machines are used, they will produce the same products without any damage. On contrary, no one can make two identical products by hand. There must be a different, whether in shape, condition, size, etc.

    Lastly, machines have evolved greatly. They can make any product in vast speed. Probably, when making massive products, no one can rival the speed of machine, even the expert one. When one person can make a pair of shoes by hand per hour, machine can do ten times more.

   In conclusion, machines have many great features that are impossible for human to compete it. They have many brilliant features, such as security, neatness, and speed. Thus, working with machine allows people to do better than working by hand.

Opposite in nature, direction, or meaning (相反)


巨大的, 广大的, 广阔的, 大量的

possible; likely (可能,大概)
Forming, or consisting of, a large mass; compacted; weighty; heavy; massy.
大而重的, 大块的, 可观的, 巨大的, 大量的,大规模 

6. rival


    I prefer using machines when I do my work. Although some people who like doing work by hand think the hand work is more delicate than the machine work, using machines has much more benefits the hand work can not have.

1. The machine work can reduce my labor. When I work with my hand, I feel so tired after finishing the work. On the other hand, the machine work is much easier. I can finish my work without being exhausted, so I can more work with the same time. Also, during the work of machines I can work other things or take a rest.

 2. The machine work is more accurate than the hand work. As I work with my hand, I try not to make mistakes or to do perfectly, but usually something becomes wrong. However, if I use the machine correctly, the machine work can reduce or not make errors.  

 3. The machines can do more complicate or dangerous work. For example, as I make my art work, there are some limitations with my hand such as cutting very fragile, small, or complicate modeling. In here, using machine is the solution. The machine can cut anything and even it is definitely safe.

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