Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hope for the Future...A Vacation at Guilin.

Yeah, I really miss and enjoy the trip of GUILIN (桂林) !!!
Briefly speaking, Guilin is a small part of China BUT
the place just like Dreamland

Last year, I went to Guilin by 4 days only...

It's not enough actually, but it's free coupon from the other trip
So, there's nothing I can say.
Whenever the scenes of Guilin like a wonderland,
it's surrounded by different trees species,
For an instance, AAAA shi-wai-tao-yuan 世外桃源
different form of mountain...
For example, some mountain like a hedgepig!!!
Such a funny and new things!!

But nothing is perfect.
Guilin foods left me the deepest impression
Maybe is because of their cultures...
The restaurant at there have a common characteristics,
that's "The amount of SALT added into the food"
They add too much of salt till there's a abnormal taste in my mouth!!
So sorry to say that...But it's a truth
So the tour guide always said their pet phrase,
"don't care about the taste of food, but support the scenic spot of Guilin"

ya, I'm totally agree with this PHRASE!!!
Although there are salty foods, but like the phrase,
support the place of interest in Guilin~
There are so many interest place I haven't gone yet!
The people at there are friendly and nice too^^

In the nutshell,
I hope that one day 
I will have a vacation at Guilin every year!!!
I love there so much

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