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Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

Yeah, you can now add Google sitemap to your blogger.com account and increase your chances of being indexed in Google search engine result. You can add a Sitemap to your account to give Google more information about the pages in your site to help Google crawl them more effectively!!!
The whole world will know you!


问:你是否曾经听过 有提交XML Sitemap 这功能呢?
 是的,现在的你可以加 Google sitemap 去你的 blogger.com 户口。那为何要加Sitemap呢?原因很简单。
除此之外,你们提供资料给 Google Webmaster Tools,这能够帮助全世界容易在网络上找到你,继而你就能出名呢!

How To Submit Blogger Sitemap successfully to Google

Yeah, it’s true that this issue has been discussed many times. But traditional way of submitting RSS or Atom feed won’t help you, because it’s not a Sitemap but just a feed XML page. So in order to acts it as a Sitemap, you will have to do some minor modifications in your Blog settings. If you know how to add your Blog to Google Webmasters Tool and submit your RSS feed page then just quickly skip to end and make necessary changes in your Blog settings.
For newbies, I have tried to write and simple guide to add your Website to Google And successfully submit Sitemap. Still, if you are not able to understand any step, ask for help.


Step 1: Go to Google Webmasters Tool and login with exiting gmail account. 
Step 2:Now add your Blog URL as shown below.

1.去 Google Webmasters Tool ,请使用你的谷歌户口来登录。

(Note: Your Blog URL should be http://yourblogname.blogspot.com and not as http://www.yourblogname.blogpsot.com . This is because Blogger seems to be more comfortable with first type. Hence in your Feeds, your post url are of first type.)
注:你的部落格地址 记得是 
而不是 http://www.你的部落格地址.blogspot.com!!! 
所以,在你的Feeds显示功能里以及Google搜寻引擎里,你的网址显示是第一种: http://你的部落格网址.blogspot.com

Step 3: Now you will have to verify your site. Google offers two methods of verification. You can either upload an HTML file with a name we specify (which is not possible with Google Blogger account), or you can add a META tag to your site's index file. Adding META tag via template code is possible so just select Add a META tag from drop down menu. Hence, Just choose verification by meta tags.

3. 现在要验证你的部落格网址了。很简单!
    选择 Add a meta tag就行了 (如图)

Step 4: Now, it will generate code for you, then copy the meta tag and paste it into your blogger.com template section

Step 5: Login to your Blogger account. Then navigate to your Blog Layout-->HTML

4.如上图,现在你要复制你的Meta tag。
5. 现在请登录你的Blogger户口。然后进入你的
Blog Layout-->HTML

Now, just try to find section in your Blog template.
Add the meta tag, below section. 
*If you can't find it,use Ctrl+F button and type .

如下图,在下面加你的Meta tag。
*如果找不到,按 Ctrl+F 再写 ,你就会找到了。

Step 6: Now, go back to Google Webmaster page and click on Verify.

6. 现在,回去Google Webmaster 网页里,然后点Verify.


Step 7: Now you will be redirected to such a page.
7. 完成后会出现这网页,表示你即将完成了。


Step 8: Click on Add a Sitemap. Then click on add general Sitemap. Now, add your Blog-Feed url as shown below.

8. 点 Add a sitemap (上图). 
    然后单点 Add General Web Sitemap
    最后,添加rss.xml 而已。(如下图)


Now click on Add Web Sitemap. 
完成后,点左下角的 Add Web Sitemap

Settings For Bloggers
Now real task starts. 
As Blogger acts as differently with feed url, 
you must set your Blog as follows.
Now on the same page navigate to 
Choose Preferred Domain under Diagnostic section.

在同一页面选择Preferred Domain (Diagnostic里)
 Now you must click to select the following option.



Now, go back to Blogger Dashboard. Now navigate your Blog Settings-->Feeds. Now select Allow Full Feed option.

之后,回到Blogger Dashboard.现在去你的Blog 设置-->Feeds.
选择Allow Full Feed (如下图)

Now take a rest. And observe your pages getting indexed in just one week. Also share your Blog traffic experience with me. Tell me how much pages you have got indexed till now.



If you want to post it in your website, please copy our resources too. Thanks!!!

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