Tuesday, January 18, 2011

When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West 东山飘雨西关晴


Have you ever watch this drama?

Today I feel like to talk drama but not studying.I like this cantonese drama! This drama is a TVB prodution (Hong Kong). Now, this drama comes on the air every night at 11 pm on ntv7 (Malaysia). 

    Briefly speaking, it's a touch of drama!! The synopsis is about the love and ordeal between Miss Xiguan (西关小姐) and Mr. Dongshan(东山少爷) . It made me deeply moved! From ancient times to nowadays, they are a perfect couple! This is because of Dongshan and Xiguan are come from a prosperous//rich families.

    The male actor in this drama is 马德钟Joe Ma and 佘诗曼Charmaine Sheh. Dongshan family start a dispute with Xiguan family when one's family (Miss Xiguan) has come down in the world (家道中落).They experience suffering. Finally muk hing(Joe Ma) be LOVE with heung ching (Charmaine).They have gone through all kinds of hardships, but finally get together^^

Those who don't understand, go and watch this movie haha!

In a nutshell, I like Muk hing(穆兴) and heung ching(向晴) in this drama!!! They are so cool and act nice! It's true!

Muk hing (Joe Ma) and Heung Ching (Charmaine Sheh)

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