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Blogger: How to Submit A Complete Sitemap To Google 超过500篇文章怎么放去谷歌?


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Sitemaps, in simple English, are text files (see example) containing a list of all web pages that exist on your site. It is important that you create a comprehensive sitemap as it will help Google and other search engines crawl your site better and that might mean more traffic coming your way in the long run.

The Problem with Blogger Sitemap Files

Ideally, the sitemap file should contain all URLs of a site but if your blog is hosted on blogspot.com (or if you are using a self-hosted version of Blogger with a custom domain), you'll be surprised to know that the default sitemap file (see example) contains only the 26 most recent pages of your blog.
That's a bad thing because some of your older blog pages, that are missing from the system-generated sitemap file, may never get indexed in search engines. There's however a simple solution to fix this problem.

Generate a Complete Sitemap for your Blogger Blog

Step 1: If you haven't done this already, sign-in to your Google Webmasters account and add your blog. 

Step 2: Once your blog is added to Google, open the Sitemap Generator and type the full address of your blogspot blog (or your self-hosted Blogger blog).

submit sitemaps

For example: 

Step 3: What you get is list of sitemap files that contain each and every page of your blog. You now just have to ping Google, Yahoo and Bing to inform them about these XML sitemaps.
Once all the Sitemaps are added, your Google Dashboard should look something like this.

sitemap added to google

If you see a red cross or an orange exclamation symbol instead of the green tick, that means something is wrong with your XML sitemap. Verify that the file exists by typing the sitemap URL in your browser.

Sometimes media enclosures (like MP3 files) in blog posts can create warnings during sitemap submission. And if you have switched from Blogger to WordPress, it still makes sense to submit sitemaps of your old Blogspot blog as that will only help search engines discover your new WordPress pages. Good luck.


Chinese Translation(中文翻译)


我看到有位作者分享着他的经历,写着: 從我的部落格超過 500 篇文章之後,到 Google 網站管理員工具去看之前 Submit 的 Sitemap 好像不管怎麼改,最大的数字就是 500 筆,就連我把 Sitemap 的 max-results 改成 1000 都是一樣,那時候推測一筆 Sitemap 真的最多就只有 500 筆,這樣可能會發生舊文章不再列入 Google 的索引。後來,终于找到解决方案!

超過 500 筆之後,就得再新增第 501 筆開始 (start-index=501) 的新的 Sitemap,如下例:



image至於 Bing 的話,也可以 Submit 您的 Sitemap 給,一樣是每超過 500 筆就要再加一個:


粗黑字部份就改成您的 Blogger 網址,貼到瀏覽器的網址列按 Enter 就可以 Submit 給 Bing。希望能帮助你^^

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