Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Recommended Movie: The Super Match-Makers (媒人帮)

Have you seen this movie about the kampung(countryside) life in Malaysia?? It's quite nice! If you haven't seen this before or want to recall back again, go to search http://www.tonton.com.my and find “媒人帮” or "The Super Match-Maker".

The film was released in Malaysia on February 3, 2011.

Directed by     Kethsvin Chee (池家庆)
Produced by    Lee Yve Vonn(李颖文) 
Based on         Kampung life by ivie & siew yen 
Starring           William 辛伟廉 Pei Xuan 蔡佩璇 
                       Yann Yann 杨雁雁 Melvin 谢佳见 
                       Leslie 蔡可立 Miao Miao 苗苗 
                       Kah Chee 程珈琪 Owen 叶剑峰 
                       Monday 江伟翰 Mayjune 陈美君 
                       Hishiko 吴佩其 Frederick 李洺中 
                       Kyo 庄仲维 Aenie 王淑君 
Studio             NTV7
Country          Malaysia
Language        Malaysian Chinese
Type               Love comedy
Plot                The first ever CNY telemovie from ntv7! 
                      The mystery of these match-makers will 
                      be revealed on the first day of CNY @ 10pm!
"The Super Match-Makers" talks about the love stories of 6 destined match-makers since young who could only find true love upon accomplishment of an ultimate match-making mission before 30 or they would have to stay single forever.

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