Thursday, February 10, 2011

What's My Secret? (Fresh Brand)

By Kings Lee

As I mentioned before, my school have motivation programme yesterday. The lecturer come from Kolej PTPL. Do you know what he did? He wants to know our secret! He telled us to Draw! Oh no, drawing had never been my strong point! So my drawing looks like... Haha, I know it's quite strange and ugly^^

Aha, it's actually a drawing personality test
What's a drawing personality test? Like
Draw a picture and find out what it says about your personality. It also can guide you to find your life goal! yEah~ Let's start drawing!

Don't copy my ones!
Surely you can draw better than me^^
Just a simple test, take it a try.

You must need an A4 paper
 1.Draw a people
+At the centre of the paper
+Not too big or too small
+Time: 5 mins
After 5 mins

2.Draw a house
+Draw your house behind the people
+You may draw Astro, bungalow, flat, teres, car barn...
+Time: 5 mins
After 5 mins

3.Draw the mountain
+Behind the house
+Time: 3 mins
After 3 mins

4.Draw a rooster with 4 chicks.
+Draw anywhere as you like
+Time: 5 mins
After 5 mins

5.Draw the Sun
+Use creative way to draw
+Can draw it anywhere
+Time: 3 mins

6.Draw a coconut tree
+Can draw fruit gains(果实)
+Time: 5 mins

7.Draw the street
+Can draw it anywhere
+Time: 5 mins

After completing your drawing,
let's see what's your personality type?

Based on my weird drawing,
@Draw stick people
+Lazy (5 mins just draw a stick?)

@Draw a tradisional house
+Got self-discipline

@Draw a bungalow/Astro/car barn
+Over LOVE $$
+Over Realistic

@One or Two
+Forgot what he said

@More than Two
+Have target

4.Rooster with 4 chicks
@Arrange in a row
+Have self-discipline

+Not discipline

@Behind the mountain
+Shy person

@Full Sun
+Brave person
+Easily communicate & corporate with others

6.Coconut tree
@One or two fruit

@Towards house
+Always miss home

@Towards mountain

@Towards Sun
+Way to H_LL

Sorry, somemore I forgot already^^ 
I will fill in the blanks if remember^^ It's actually for you to draw only.

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