Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Choose Free Walker OR Package Tour? 自由行还是跟团好?

I would like to write an article of the comparison between independent travel and tour groups and also my opinion today. If you ask me what will I choose between self-guided tour or package tour, i will definitely choose package tour!  There are a few reason why i choose package tour but not free walker.

Don't listen to other people's that traveling overseas on your own! What's wrong with package tour? Why do so many people refuse and resist tour group? Maybe it's true. Free walker is about greater flexibility to come and go as you please; to linger longer or pull out and move on  to the next adventure. You set the place, the itinerary, the journey.When you travel by yourself it really is easier to meet locals and other independent travelers. The opportunities to explore those moments of spontaneity are much greater. 

Maybe a single person on the road isn’t quite as intimidating as a group, or even you and your partner. As you make new contacts in your travels, you can also arrange to meet up with those people a little later in a new place. You get the best of both worlds. 

For me, I feel that package tour is more valuable and cheaper. We have to spend a lot of time researching and finding a place. On the face of it, self-guided tour seem to have more advantages, but it's actually a waste of time and you may not know the culture from other countries as the world becomes more complex and dangerous

You will be easily get tricked if you don't have enough information or not really have a deep knowledge of other countries. Independent traveler must have a deep knowledge of that country before go there.

What i mean the word "Independent Travel (Self-guided tour)" here is travel in which you organize things yourself, rather than using a company who will arrange flights, hotels etc. For 1 PERSON ONLY!!! In my opinion, more than 1 person is considered group tour. So please do not misunderstand.  

In fact, it is depends on your way of thinking only. In conclusion, the main purpose of this post is to tell those who always promote that free walker was better than package tour@@ Please, don't be so short-sighted view! Did you know that joining group tour is actually can prevent you from getting tangled and fraud syndicate?

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