Monday, March 7, 2011

Kings' Exam Week~考试周

Haha, No No No, it's not me!
I'm extremely LAZY
especially when I read thick books! 
It only makes me sleepy~tired~boring~
Maybe this is first monthly test
I don't feel bad or STRESS^^
I can still eat food yeah!!

But the way, today 
the MUET writing paper is killing me!
I don't have enough time to write an essay,
i just simply write write write
actually I don't understand what I write about...
Don't know Don't know Don't know

Besides that, it's quite strange that there is a weekly assembly during exam week! I didn't bring my school tie as i wear another bag during exam week...heehee
Well, i have my chemistry exam tomorrow morning,
which just only 30 objectives, 4 structures
Yup, it's easy, it is more easier to "FAIL"!
The reason is because there are so many marks for each question.

Wow, i have eaten "Nasi Lemak" yesterday and miss it so much!! The "Curry Rendang" also delicious!! I want to go there again!! But it's all vegetarian(素食)!!

Good Luck To Me (eXaM)

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