Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mood Interruption Thursday++

=Negative Mood=
Why teachers are so efficient?
Sorry, I am not praising here.
Today is my second last day of exam
but my holiday mood is keep on rising!!!
Same with friends that have the same mood^^
Friends are ready to start planning their activities.

teachers won't let us enjoy our holiday.
Tomorrow we will get back our Maths paper-
It's so cruel!! Bad News!

Moreover, we were scolded by chemistry teacher 
She said, "We did very badly in exam!"
Hard to be calm down 
during my full schedule of holiday...
Recalling the past month,
what can I conclude about myself is
I'm exactly a homebody.
Actually, "tuition" is include on schedule^^

The day after tomorrow,
I'm not a homebody!!
Back to NORMAL~Will be continue.


  1. Chill out! and be happy don't be sulky....Good luck!!!


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