Wednesday, May 25, 2011

@Two More Days To Merdeka!@

Chok, the mid-term exam is So...*@*
=It's killing me.=
Totally, don't know what am I writing about.
So sorry that I didn't update blog such a long time

Anyway, after 2 days
My Happy Merdeka Week is coming!
Well, this holiday I have full schedule of activities^^
So, I have "NO BORING" Honey Week^^ WeeWee
Actually, i like these kind of life.
We cannot be the frog in the shallow well.
Take for example, 
you may broaden 
your experience by Travelling more++!!!
Travel is an edifying experience, 
especially for young people.~I like it but $$ limited

Nothing to do during holidays?
Come on, it is too wasted man! 
How do you plan for your holidays?
Bear in mind,
RELAX is extremely important for you to go through life. 

Yesterday, I have joined online 
They promote the film named 
"足印 Footprints In The Sand".

Good luck for friends taking the exam.
Lastly, have a nice Holiday and Journey^^

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