Friday, November 16, 2012

榜中王 "Super Smart" NTV7 Good Show!

"Super Smart" 榜中王 is one of the NTV7 TV intelligence game show, started from 21th October 2012, every Sunday, 7 p.m. It is designed mainly for secondary school students. I can't deny that the 16 finalists schools are all extraordinary, especially participants from Foon Yew High School (新山宽柔中学), they are too amazing! OMG, Johor schools always give me a deep impression, either from 无敌状元 or 榜中王.

In November 11, Foon Yew High School Leader 张为胜同学 and Assistant General 詹家胜同学, again, retained no. 1 and holding a safe lead. Here are the results,

学海榜 —— 60 marks
大事榜 —— 125 marks (Impressive result hey!)
辩学榜 —— 78 marks

Total 263 marks, sure can get into eight finalists! Congratulations! But the differences between the first and the second places, TOO obvious already, not 50 marks differences, but 263 marks VS 173 marks!

On the other hand, the school that attracted my attention is Chung Hua Middle School No.3 (古晋三中) Leader 杨诗佳同学 and Assistant General 蔡情美同学. In November 11, they gained 151 marks, get into no. 6 places, congrats too! Here are the results,

学海榜 —— 50 marks
大事榜 —— 25 marks
辩学榜 —— 76 marks

No, I like this school not because of their brilliance, but is the leader 杨诗佳, she is so adorable! She often laughing while playing game, what is so funny actually? I don't know. Perhaps because of she is the only participant who willing to show this unique characteristic in front of TV, she get my attention! Moreover, I'm quite like her smile, honestly =)) It just like an extra entertainment =))
Besides, regarding to the questions in this competition, especially science questions, I have to admit that it is too challenging for me! eg. What DNA called in chinese? Hey, it is not fair especially for SMK government school students like me :(( We only learned DNA in english, but not chinese. That's all of my thoughts about 榜中王. Anyway, good luck to every school in the following competition.

Advanced Date Rape Drug: Roofies or Rohyphenol

Recently, there was a new advanced date rape drug appeared in society! Everyone must be careful especially for females! Idiot! Don't know who and why they produce these kind of harmful drugs. Why still got insane don't know how to think at opposite side and respect others? Why still got idiot intended to buy these kind of dangerous date rape drug? If you have been raped in the unconcious condition, would you feel happy?
Briefly introduces this drug named roofies or Rohyphenol. (in Chinese: 迷奸水)

Rohyphenol/ Roofies:
It is a common term for a drug used to render victims unconscious or incapacitated; typically used by males from college fraternities to rape female (or possibly male) victims because they, the frat kids, can't any poontang any other way due to their lack of basic social skills, idiocy or missing chromosomes.

New information: This evolution of new discovered drug have added features that can make individual loss memory around 3 hours and promote sensuality. But do you know that this drug can in fact brings fatal consequences! So please don't use this drug to anyone**
Believe Karma is present.
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