Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bye 2012, Hello 2013!Happy New Year!

Time flies fast. 2013 is coming. Happy New Year! OMG, my last day of 2012 was spent with the family, therapy, watched China drama 活佛济公2 [Have 60 episodes =.=], Tetris Battle game, and listened to music 岁月如歌 repeatedly [Singer: Eason Chan]. I don't know why I get fascinated with this music! Haha, I didn't go to countdown with friends this year since I'm lazy and tired! Am I an otaku?

“The Legend of Crazy Monk” 活佛济公 poster.
I like them especially 陈浩民 Benny Chan Ho Man [acted as the most handsome 济公],林子聪 Lam Tze Chung & 叶祖新 [acted as 监寺师叔 & 必清小师父],杨雪 [acted as 白灵]. Too awesome! This drama has successfully maintained highest ratings for three consecutive years. All actors are vividly presented.

Moreover, I feel don't wanna to go back to university after a 3 weeks holiday, have to face the assignments againnnnn!! So must appreciate every single holiday moment.

As I look back at my 2012, if I have to use a word to represent, it is "unpredictable". I remember in the beginning of the year, I still in a hopeless tangle, don't know which course should I choose. After few months, I came to new environment, met new friends, more activities, goals to accomplish...... Things happen all too suddenly for me. It started out just like a dream.

2012, Something Memorable
1) Family
Amitabha, my family still alive, Mom, Dad, Sister and I. As usual, we celebrated every festival. =D
Unfortunately, my paternal grandfather has left us for an eternal rest on 11th May 2012. I recall the moment, when I was a kid, I often snatched the television with grandpa. In fact, it is my fault because I'm a bit overbearing and naughty during that time. I wanna to play toy and watched TV together >.<  On the other hand, I realized that fried pattern eggs is not an easy mission under grandpa's teachings. Pity me, I had fried 10 eggs in a day but still failed!

2) Cinema
I entered for 3 times already which considered mad in my life. It's been ages since I went to the cinema. Oh crazy 2012, "Silent Hill: Revelation", "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey", "CZ 12". Next, I WILL definitely watch "The Last Tycoon" [大上海], which has shown on 3th Jan 2013 in Malaysia. The major reason I support "The Last Tycoon" is because of 吴镇宇 [Francis Ng Chun Yu], an amazing actor, a 51-year-old man who has a child. Francis is one of my admired actors. In this movie, he acted as an antagonist named 茅载. Many audiences in China which have ever seen this movie were giving him good praises. Someone said he successfully performed as the most evil and abhorrent person, as they described, "坏到骨子里". Of course, 周润发, 黄晓明 and 洪金宝 are awesome actors too. I totally agree with a comment which saw on Weibo, "The director who named 王晶 finally came out with such a high standard movie and impressive storyline."

"The Last Tycoon" 大上海  Synopsis [Recommend]
Set in Shanghais Gangster era of the early 1900s, THE LAST TYCOON tells the tale of CHENG (Chow Yun-Fat), a young man who is set up by the chief of police (Sammo Hung) and must leave the life he knows and QIU (Monica Mok), the woman he loves, to start again. After escaping prison CHENG quickly and violently moves his way up the ladder of Shanghais criminal underworld to become on the most powerful mob bosses in Shanghais history. But fame and notoriety take their toll when CHENG finds himself stuck between the looming Japanese army and the scheming local secret service. Matters are only made worse when he bumps into the love of his life QIU, along with her writer husband. Will love re-kindle in the dusk of an era?

3) Met old bestie, Yi Shen.
She made me remember back of my joyous childhood and moment. We have know each other for 14 years, have been classmates for 10 years! Great! We have gathered on December after final exam. We talked for a long time, recall a lot of things but I get memory loss most of the time, don't know is because YS has powerful memory or am I have weak memory power? Hey, I'm not conscienceless, okay? [Trying to defend myself wakaka~] By the way, I do appreciate because have such an old++ nice friend.

4) Met new bestie, June.
You should be grateful even you've found only one true friend in your life. Despite just know her for less than 1 year, but just feel that we have been old friend already [I think so, narcissism heehee~]. I believe that it is so called 缘分 (preordination). I do appreciate it. She is not only my friend, but is my mentor & madam too. With her, I know Tetris [the most impressive moment]! But I never regret knowing her. Besides her, a person called 长老 is a nice people, too. Wishing them good-heartedness often meets with recompense.

Alright, a photo says it all ^^ Halloween Day

5) University/ College -- New environment
Someone said it is University or College..... Ermmm. In fact, it has been upgraded to university status. In summary, I get to know new friends in university ^^, from the shuttle bus [it's marvelous when can make new friends in this kind of situation], class [for sure], group projects, internet, Facebook. Honestly, the presence of assignments and tutorials make me feel annoyed sometimes. It drives me crazy! What a strict rule! ........ "Students will be barred from taking the Final examination if they are barred by lecturers due to poor attendance for lectures or tutorials which is less than 80% or if they have failed their coursework marks."

6) Peer Support Group Camp. The only camp that I joined in 2012. It was quite fun and beneficial~ Generally, I managed to explore more about myself throughout this camp as the camp theme is "Self Exploration". Besides, we learned a lot of dance styles such as Cha Cha, or what else? OMG, I've forgotten.....

7) Miss secondary school, primary school friends.
Form 1 until Form 6, Year 1 until Year 6, I missed every single moment with you all. Hopefully we have a chance to meet one day.

8) Driving license.
I can get rid of my P license finally~.... After 2 years. It is not a short time for me!

In 2013, one of my plan to this blog is to contribute atleast 1 MUET essay to show my thankful to all net friends and followers which have visited my blog previously. My total blog visits until today is 13,978.

Wish all of my family and friends stay healthy and happy~

Language barrier is always the reason that drives me blank and blur for sometimes. I have to admit that I'm quite weak in English, just get B+ in SPM! I must improve it!

Yeah, today is my second year blog anniversary~ I started blogging since 6th January 2011. At first, I blogging was just for money. At last, I do really love blogging. ^^

Life is unexpected. I survived.
Bye 2012, Hello 2013. Happy New Year!


  1. Wow. I've got my driving license for N years but still insist to put the P on my car (embarrassed). Well, most of the time not myself driving the car...

    Happy Blogging!

    1. Then you should drive more often.

  2. Yea, I have watched "The Last Tycoon". It is really an awesome movie! I like chow yun fat~ but Francis Ng acting is amazing too! Just feel that 2 hours is not enough, should be more longer!

    1. Thanks for your comment~
      Yes, 2 hours is really not enough.
      Atleast Francis Ng's should has more scenes!


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