Thursday, June 13, 2013

If my smiley face disappeared, means I'm tired.

Yesterday was Duanwu festival. Wish everyone Happy Dragon Boat Festival!
Time flies superb fast and only know that yesterday was Dumpling festival after being told by friends >.<
Mom went to nearest pasar and only found 8 dumplings. Haiz, all have forgotten about it~

Such a crazy short semester. 7 weeks is enough to kill me.
Classes from Monday till Wednesday end at 6 p.m. Need to conduct experiment, attend experiments, and write report as usual. Join some extra activities to plan and enjoy my future joyful activities but the process is totally killing me. It's common sense, if you need something, you need to contribute something for sure. So that's why need to spend extra time to duty and meeting and planning. No wonder it is so called "extra"curricular activities =.= I love this kind of busy lifestyle but it makes me tired and drives me crazy sometimes!!

Hence, if you see me looking cool or not smile, it is definitely because I'm too tired!! When I'm tired, please don't torture me to smile as it's hard to maintain smiley face arghhhh. I know there are these kinds of people, but is not me LOL. Anyway, I will try. If I didn't say HI to you, 99% is because I didn't see you or under blur unconscious condition, not because attempt ignoring you =D In fact, I love to make friends and enjoy talk with you all because everyone has their unique personality and style. Some of you are cute, smart, stylish, optimism, strong leadership, independent, friendly, good-tempered, artistic and so on. Everyone has merits and demerits and I learned good from you sometimes.

If my smiley face disappeared, means I'm tired. I'm not that kind of emotional or bipolar okay, if you think that tired is a kind of emotional, it's up to you. I would prefer to be quiet and silence if extremely tired. Such an annoying term.....!

Most people may misunderstand me, think that I'm a serious person. Yes, if it comes to the project or assignment or serious issue, I tend to be serious. Neither project nor tired issue, I'm still a happy person =) I like to laugh in my own way! Maybe time will prove everything? In fact, I don't need to care about others perception, but throughout the process, I tend to find out more about myself.

Perhaps you would think I'm just too over, but I just try to challenge myself, at least once in a lifetime? You never know how far can you go if you don't try. In certain situations, I agree that people are like rubber bands (my topic in one of the subject). Rubber bands need to be stretched always in order to increase the tensile strength. We pull, and release, then pull again, and release again. So that the rubber bands can be stretched to their maximum and reach highest peaks and greatest distances. You may find it difficult to stretch yourself at the beginning, but afterwards you may discover the enchantment of the process and enjoy the personal achievement in the end =) If you didn't stretch yourself for so long time, maybe will like rubber band, it breaks when pulled.

On the other hand, academic studies and extracurricular activities are not the only things exist in this world. There are much more things to learn. As the saying goes, one is never too old to learn. My world is just too small and limited, so that's why easily get affected by surroundings! My motivation goal for this semester is to challenge my potential bottom line. I quite envy to those who can still maintain energetic and perform well in both academic studies and curricular activities/ working! Even it's challenging, but if you can manage it, it is quite a good experience.

Recently saw few fresh couples at university. Genuinely speaking, I'm glad of them XD I always feel that world is full with LOVE: security love (type of love parents have for their children), platonic love (simplest love, neither strings attached nor sexual intention. A pure, friendly we experience from a very young age, like the kind of relationships you share with siblings, close childhood friends, or grownup friends), limerence and crushes, unrequited love (one sided love), selfish love, same sex love, romantic love (eg. Love at first sight), self-love, friendship love, unconditional love, entertainment love (eg. TV, music). Although the couples are around, but if you look deep, actually there are more singles. The fact we see so many couples are because 11 out of 10 couples will go to cinema or join outdoor activities more often in order to maintain their relationships. For single, the frequency of cinema visits is obviously less than couple because single can still have another kinds of activities.

We can't judge that singles could have lonely lifestyles because they may don't have time to commit to romantic relationships or can't find the right person. We also can't judge that couples will definitely have joyful or colorful lifestyles because they might experience suffering too. I'm not saying that be single or couple is better. Because it is totally two different experiences. Nothing is definite. It depends on how you see it. We can choose how we behave or act. Just be yourself. Sometimes, happiness lies in contentment (知足常乐) =] Be satisfied with what you have in all the varying circumstances of life such as relationships with family, friends, or lover is a branch of learning.

Be content with what you have, rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you. - Lao Tzu

Last but not least, I love my family.
Thanks to them that accompany and assist me throughout my life.
Without them, I can't perform my role so well.
I love my country. Malaysia provides me the greatest moment without natural disaster, so I can have enough food and water, so I able to fight hunger but not experience it all the times such like India and Cambodia, so I able to love others. Without anyone, we can't even fulfill our basic needs such as food, drinks or shelters.
I love my friends. We have different personality, different backgrounds but we always support and tolerant of each other.
I'm proud to be vegetarian, so no animals being killed because of me.
I'm proud to have religion, so I understand the truth of life and learn to be a moral person.  

Learn to appreciate everything you have.
Learn to give something you have.
It is better to give than to receive.
Nothing in this world is necessary or compulsory be there for you.
I'm not kind-hearted, but just learning to be grateful.

Song of the Day: “大家 Everybody” by Cho Lam Wong and Ivana Wong.
Good Night.

A last critical question: How not to get easily influenced by surroundings?
Expose to more problems? Learn more? Think too much?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

30-Hour Famine 饥饿三十 13th-14th July 2013 Fight Hunger!

"30-Hour Famine", the local events of voluntary fasting for 30 hours to raise money and awareness for world hunger. This event is the most popular amongst all, spreading across 21 countries.
It started in Malaysia since 1997.

During the event, for 30 hours, participants must abstain from eating food, and instead they typically drink water, fruit juices, or other liquids. Games, fund raisers, and other events may also take place to help teach and educate the participants and others about world hunger all over the world. It is also a time for education and awareness of world hunger, and an understanding of how people go without food for long periods of time. Yep, besides raising funds for the children, raising awareness of the global hunger & poverty issues, go hungry and know a lot of new friends in 30-Hour Famine DIY camp are awesome! Some of them said that they can fast by themselves. Yes, you may do so. But you will earn an unforgettable learning experience throughout 30-Hour Famine DIY Camp!

At the end of the fasting period, participants will break-fast together at their respective DIY Camp venues or to participate in the 30-Hour Famine centralized Countdown event. For the centralized Countdown event (in Stadium Bukit Jalil this year), there will be a lot of celebrities and performers countdown with us! The ambassador for 30-Hour Famine 2013 is Christine Fan 范瑋琪 =)

Did you register as famine fighter? It's on 13th-14th July.
In fact, I didn't join as famine fighter before. Originally wanna to join last year, but no place already. Don't know what happened to me this year, I dare to join as a team member of Promotion Team! I quite shocked with my decision but maybe this semester is short semester, so shouldn't matter? Anyway, I didn't regret of joining as sub-committee. Because of promotion team, I get to understand the lived experiences of poverty & hunger children. I can feel that every children from poor countries has a bitter dark side. Because of promotion team, I be the person in charge and duty at the booth for 4 days. Perhaps this is just extracurricular activities, not related to academic studies, I realized that promote and share can be a good way to release tension or stress =D yea, quite enjoyed with it.

I willing to be on duty not just because of obligation, not because of I'm hardworking, but because of intrinsic motivation. Maybe throughout the period, you need to keep on your smile, so that's why release a lot of emotional contagion? Anyway, this is miraculous and thanks to 30-Hour Famine! I enjoyed working with my team too! Arghhhhhh, I like this Famine Car so muchhhhh!!!! So charmmmm~ Yea, today can see Famine Car again! ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Official Website: http://famine.worldvision.com.my
Fight Hunger!
童心协力 • 对抗饥饿
.4th of June. Prepare to enrich my power to the maximum.
Throughout the whole month, I will just put focus on my studies and assignments until the end of exams. Will stop my curricular activities temporarily to meet the challenge since I already accomplished duty for 4 days in May? I quite satisfied with my performance =D

Nevertheless, I did something bad which made me feel a bit guilty. Actually not I don't want to perform my role as a member in the group, but due to out of my expectation, one of my group are super efficient until done all the proposal 2 days before the dateline, I don't have the rights to blame anyone because their main intention is just want to finish the proposal as soon as possible. Finally, I haven't finish reading the journals and they began the group proposal @.@ The most important thing is I can't be there for the meeting most of the time until made me so obvious didn't commit to the project! Haiz, nobody want to be like that. Hence, as a member, what I can do now is to compensate and express my big gratitude. Even the compensation seems so......? Anyway, thank you to all my group members! Love you all~ ♥

Yes, I promised that if this blog exceed 20000 visitors, I will make my blog public and share to my friends. But still don't feel like share to my friends because of my poor English or Chinese posts. Embarrassed when make others suffering from my poor language posts....... @.@
Anyway, I understand that most of friends are more interested to know how I make money through blogging haha =)
As a matter of fact, yeap, you can make money through blogging using Nuffnang or Google Adsense. But it's not so easy except you are the one of the following person.

First, you are celebrity or network redskins.
Second, you have a lot of friends visiting your blog and click your advertisement?
Third, post profitable articles often, means post some useful and popular topics but don't be too broad. Choose a topic which currently has few quality sources of information already existing online. You may think that no such topic exists – but you’d be wrong. Whilst the web is a crowded place there are many topics where there is little competition and as a result you have the ability to be one of the biggest fish in that small pond. Sometimes you have to narrow your topic to find such niches, other times you have to be ‘the first’ as a new topic/ news emerges and other times there might be existing sites on the topic – but they are of a low enough standard that you can compete easily by producing something better or more useful.

Like Stephan says – you’ll want to do a little research on your topic before starting a blog to see if you’ll be able to sustain it in adding fresh content over a long period. The thing that kills many commercial blogs very quickly is that the author simply runs out of things to write.

It's worth trying to objectively measure your own passion, interest or energy level for the blog. Whilst there might be plenty of news going around on the topic will you still be energized by posting on the topic in 6 months time (without the motivation of money – because it might take a year or two to establish yourself in a niche). If you don’t have something motivating you to post on a topic it can become very difficult to keep doing so – unless you have a very dedicated personality type.

Passion first, Adsense second.
今年的主题是  童心协力 • 对抗饥饿
今年的宣传大使就是 范瑋琪!!




今年不懂怎么地,竟然会主动加入Promotion Team
我其实也很惊讶,不过因为这学期是short sem
所以无所谓,参加了也没什么太大的影响 =)
因为你一直要保持笑容,自然就释放很多emotional contagion?
这是件挺神奇的事~ 感谢《饥饿30营》!

知道多数朋友比较有兴趣知道我怎么利用部落格赚钱 =)
除非你是红人,或者很勤劳,几乎每天都写些连接文章,例如:关于科技/ 时事
Large Rainbow Pointer