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University Life: 2nd Year 2nd Semester

December 2013. I finally completed writing this post huuhuu. Time flies 'super' fast. It's near to the end of 2nd year 2nd semester! Half month to go before semester break. As the saying goes, the calm before the storm. The severe storm is coming.... November was a rushing month, with a lot of assignments and quizzes, currently busying with revision, exams begin on this Thursday. Has everything gone well? I hope so =) Actually I'm not sure whether I've become numb or has already adapted to all of these.

I apologize for only 1 post in November. I'm thinking to post this in November, but due to laziness, keeps delay and delay nah....  To be accurate, in fact I spent 50% of my time watching drama, 30% studying, and 20% for others.

Yesh, laziness is the main issue. I realize the importance to change my attitude, at least increase the level of efficiency? However, I feel weak and helpless sometimes, I regret not to improve English, so that is why I need others help in elaborating on my points while in the discussion. This issue directly affects the performance! I felt a bit helpless (not angry) when saw everyone doing their own stuffs during the discussion. Why can't finish the task before doing your own thing? I don't have class but I still need to go to Uni just for the meetings. In the discussion, it's normal to have arguments between each others, but there must be a person who likes to be so called “peacemaker" which actually made the situation worse and eventually didn't manage to solve the problems.

"Calm down, calm down......." "Don't worry....." "It's not a big deal....." "Never mind la.....", peacemaker said.

But as a member of a team, we should learn to tolerate each other as I'm not a perfect person too. I also have shortcomings (...self-reflection...). I have no right to criticize anyone, but it seems stingy if you don't give advice? No wonder there are not many successful people in the world. Challenges always exist, sometimes it depends how you look at the issues. Ermthink from positive side is the way.

'Career guidance' is one of the subjects that I took in this semester, even it consists only 7 week classes and 1 credit hour, but it was beneficial because of the group counseling session, which in fact refreshing my mind about the future again after a year of study. Honestly, my English is getting worse after 2 years as compared to high school. But after the session (8 hours), I think I'm more confident in speaking English nah, obviously poor speaking skill was due to lack of practice. Being brave is the way, no need to care about others view because nobody actually cares about your English performance level. Be yourself is the way, just say whatever is on your mind =D Appreciate every chance that you had in your life. I keenly feel that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, learn from others strengths is the way.

How many times 'is the way' being repeated? It is the way
University life composed of a mixture of tastes or feelings.

Car Park Environment
For your information, it is hard to find parking in my University, double and triple parking is very common. Moreover, I often heard others saying that flash flood occurs after a rainfall. This sad case happened again a few weeks ago (as shown in the photo below). There were a lot of victims with their cars broke down. Why students need to take a risk and suffer from the flood after a heavy rain??

Photo credited to: Facebook

Heavy downpour. I witnessed, it occurs all in sudden. Just right after I leave the University. Around 3:30 p.m. Am I lucky?! Because I actually don't have class on Thursday but went there for group discussion. But still I felt lucky as leave a step earlier.

Sometimes I agree with what my friends called, King of FFK. I just hang out with friends once this semester!! It has been 7 years since the last time I entered the Karaoke room. I'm not an extreme introvert, but the activities that I joined seem like I'm an introverted person.

It's just like after a while sister took the PMR examination. This year is her SPM. Even my result is not bad, but compared to sister, with all A's in UPSR and PMR, and most probably occurs again in SPM, she is much more excellent than me, either in academic or extracurricular activities. However, I feel so proud to have such a hardworking and intelligent sister woohooo~ I know how she feels..... extra class, tuition, extra class, tuition...... but this year she had tuition during the SPM period, means having extra class the day before SPM!

Her exam was until the end of November. Usually parents are more worried than the child who taking such important examination. However, neither of us are worrying about her. Based on her reactions these few days, even "Sejarah" (History) exam that scared her the most, but still she managed to do it with an infectious smile. Hopefully she will continue the spirit. Yea, I strongly believe that she is future 10 A's SPM scholar! My sister inspires me in some way, again it proves that "effort deserves reward"!  I should put in efforts on meaningful things too.

Although I don't like studying, but when received a 'fake' message from parents saying that I might don't have the chance to continue my studies, suddenly I felt upset and disappointed geh!!! I finally understand my friends' feelings who have no chance to further their studies.  =((

Nothing is a MUSTDEFINITE in your life.
Learn to appreciate everything that you have.
Be grateful.

Interesting Class
There were always fun moments during the lectures, especially in 'Group Process' class. I was like back to primary school while we need to build a tower, bring an apple, use crayons to draw... The only difference was the presence of group sharing sessions. It was unique when I felt close to group mates after sharing our thoughts.

Nothing special in my life, no ups and downs, no 'boom and bust'.
Describe in one word: Ordinary.

What is different from last semester?
Perhaps my new hairstyle, because of extremely hot weather conditions, now my hair is as short as like a handsome boy, it is funny while had been asked by many friends about my new 'hairstyle'. It is great with short hair, but the only disadvantage is that I need to get a haircut more often as the hair grows too fast.

Blogging Life
I love to be a lifestyle blogger. 
Has anyone ever wondered why my blog link has 1211?
It has meaning actually, because my birthday is on 11th of December =D

There are bloggers update their blogs every day. 
There are bloggers write in 2 languages. 
There are blogs with resourceful information. 
There are blogs with only 1 post a month (obviously is me).

The picture below is screened from a friend's blogger post about 'Lucky Draw'.
I feel warm inside when someone said will give me a small 'sur-prize' as a reward, we don't know each other in real but still she treated me like a small girl, such a kind girl yea =)
I Lov3 PanDa™

On the other hand, Hooray! Thanks to all my dear blog visitors. Don't know how to describe my feeling when there were 1731 blog visitors (accurate number: 1908) in a day. Such an unforgettable day, 22nd of November. I think this was the highest day blog visitors record. But I feel guilty as I'm a sluggish blogger nah.


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