Saturday, June 21, 2014

这么多Nuffnang广告商出现在我家 市道不好?

在这个月里竟然有七个 CPUV campaigns 同时进行。

不用觉得惊讶,被这么多广告商抢放那部落仅有的三个位置,可想而知是被剥削了。一个广告才给那么几十仙,更加证明市道不好,连给广告费也给的那么少 >.<

而且注意到很多都是属于 Promoted Content,意思是邀请高游览率的博客主参与活动,再写文章,乃其中的宣传手法之一。我没参加过,因为都说我家的平均游览量确实不高呢呵呵~

因为这篇文章够短,翻译英文当然不是问题  :)

Although Nuffnang cannot bring in huge income, but it is more like a bonus for me every year.

There are many blog advertisements in my blog recently and it is the first time. Is it because of bad economy that makes company decide to advertise their products online? So even low traffic blog like mine also being chosen for the campaigns?

I'm not sure whether this situation is special, but it rarely happens in my blog as my blog has low traffic. So I decided to share it :)
7 Campaigns this month. As shown in the picture above.
Perhaps it is normal in your blog, but this is the highest record in my blog.

However, it is wrong if you think that you will earn more money because of so many campaigns running. My blog only has 3 different placements for advertisements, so the amount of money are actually even split. I receive so little money and you can see that it is not even reach RM 1 for each campaign. It again proves that bad economy might be the main reason behind it TOT.

If you notice, there are many promoted content written by the bloggers as well, but of course is the blogger who has high blog traffic. They get paid to write these posts. I never joined it before as my blog cannot reach large amounts of traffic in average.

Since this post is quite short, so I would love to write in English as well  :)

Saturday, June 14, 2014

How to Open Microsoft Word 2007 file in Microsoft Word 2003


因为我家的大电脑属于旧款,故还是用 Microsoft Word 2003。但我的laptop使用的是Microsoft Word 2007版本,假如你注意的话会发现那个file储存的名是 ".docx",而 Microsoft Word 2003 是 ".doc"。

结果我用pendrive储存的文件是 .docx,无法在 MicrosoftWord 2003版本开启,因为File的类型不一样。后来找到了以下方法,其实很简单就可以解决:

(1) 原来在Microsoft Word 2007有这个功能。
在Save As里,有个Word 97-2003 Document 选项,那就表示可以在任何旧版本Microsoft Word开启文件。File 储存为 ".doc"。

(2) 每次要这样Save好像很麻烦,可以设置为default options吗?
点击 Word Options,出现个窗口。
Save,在 Save files in this format: 选择 Word 97-2003 Document (*.doc)
完成。果然很简单  :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hay Day Game - A Good Addiction than Candy Crush Saga

I love to play Harvest Moon when I'm still a secondary student.

Because the characters are cute with all cute buildings and animals, from chicken, fish, goat, cow, to planting the trees, producing products etc.
I like such simple life of working on the farm.

Hay Day is quite similar to Harvest Moon. The main difference is that the players can only play this game online. I knew Hay Day game from sister few months ago, totally addicted to the game, then abandon Candy Crush game and started my farm life.
Yea, it is fun and awesome!!

Playing game can affect behavior and attitude of a player.
If you play game that involves fighting or violent elements, then can increase aggressive behavior, angry feelings and decreases helpful behavior.

In Hay Day, I feel peaceful, harmony, sense of achievement, free from severe addiction.
It contains neighborhood element that can be unlocked in level 29.
Neighborhood is a good place for us to help each other and we feel happy after helping people. This increase our helpful behavior unconsciously.
Moreover, I realized my neighborhood are from the age range of 15 to 70. It is amazing!

It also contains a lot of goals for us to achieve so that we don't feel boring.
For example, the boat orders, the events to earn diamond, a new town for us to serve the visitors.
Such a good hay day!

Some of my friends might know that I had an issue with game addiction before.
Even achieved level 500 in Candy Crush, I don't have a sense of achievement.
Later, Dream world was out in Candy Crush. It is not dream world for me, it is nightmare ever!
I was totally irritated.

Actually, addiction doesn't affect much if it didn't cause much interruption in your daily life.
But Candy Crush Saga affected me and increased frustrated feelings at the moment I lost all my lives.

I shouldn't despise any game but this game does really gave me bad feelings and stress.

Luckily, after playing Hay Day, I realize that addiction in Hay Day doesn't affect my daily life routine because Hay Day still producing product, still come out with something even I'm in rest.
Everything still in progress. 
I love this because I don't need to waste so much time for it so can spend more time in doing other stuffs.

However, when I played Candy Crush, I get frustrated when I lost all my life just because of my technique or luck and I need to wait for half an hour just for one life.
When you lose, all you can do is WAIT. You can't do anything but just get annoyed.

Perhaps it is related to the playing device, because each player is only allowed to play Hay Day on Apple and Android devices. But for Candy Crush, we can play on computer as well, so at the moment I'm in front of the laptop, what is in my mind is Candy Crush Saga and hard to get concentrate in assignments. I think this is related to "Operant Conditioning" principle?

By the way, I thought I'm the only one who wake up every morning just to check the Hay Day progress. But I found out that there are actually friends doing the same thing :) Awesome!
Hay Day becomes my alarm at some point, I'm willing to wake up early every morning just because of it!

I love playing game! 
It proves that different types of game can lead to different effect or consequence :)
Good addiction vs. Bad addiction.
Depends on your choice. Be wise.

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