Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hay Day Game - A Good Addiction than Candy Crush Saga

I love to play Harvest Moon when I'm still a secondary student.

Because the characters are cute with all cute buildings and animals, from chicken, fish, goat, cow, to planting the trees, producing products etc.
I like such simple life of working on the farm.

Hay Day is quite similar to Harvest Moon. The main difference is that the players can only play this game online. I knew Hay Day game from sister few months ago, totally addicted to the game, then abandon Candy Crush game and started my farm life.
Yea, it is fun and awesome!!

Playing game can affect behavior and attitude of a player.
If you play game that involves fighting or violent elements, then can increase aggressive behavior, angry feelings and decreases helpful behavior.

In Hay Day, I feel peaceful, harmony, sense of achievement, free from severe addiction.
It contains neighborhood element that can be unlocked in level 29.
Neighborhood is a good place for us to help each other and we feel happy after helping people. This increase our helpful behavior unconsciously.
Moreover, I realized my neighborhood are from the age range of 15 to 70. It is amazing!

It also contains a lot of goals for us to achieve so that we don't feel boring.
For example, the boat orders, the events to earn diamond, a new town for us to serve the visitors.
Such a good hay day!

Some of my friends might know that I had an issue with game addiction before.
Even achieved level 500 in Candy Crush, I don't have a sense of achievement.
Later, Dream world was out in Candy Crush. It is not dream world for me, it is nightmare ever!
I was totally irritated.

Actually, addiction doesn't affect much if it didn't cause much interruption in your daily life.
But Candy Crush Saga affected me and increased frustrated feelings at the moment I lost all my lives.

I shouldn't despise any game but this game does really gave me bad feelings and stress.

Luckily, after playing Hay Day, I realize that addiction in Hay Day doesn't affect my daily life routine because Hay Day still producing product, still come out with something even I'm in rest.
Everything still in progress. 
I love this because I don't need to waste so much time for it so can spend more time in doing other stuffs.

However, when I played Candy Crush, I get frustrated when I lost all my life just because of my technique or luck and I need to wait for half an hour just for one life.
When you lose, all you can do is WAIT. You can't do anything but just get annoyed.

Perhaps it is related to the playing device, because each player is only allowed to play Hay Day on Apple and Android devices. But for Candy Crush, we can play on computer as well, so at the moment I'm in front of the laptop, what is in my mind is Candy Crush Saga and hard to get concentrate in assignments. I think this is related to "Operant Conditioning" principle?

By the way, I thought I'm the only one who wake up every morning just to check the Hay Day progress. But I found out that there are actually friends doing the same thing :) Awesome!
Hay Day becomes my alarm at some point, I'm willing to wake up early every morning just because of it!

I love playing game! 
It proves that different types of game can lead to different effect or consequence :)
Good addiction vs. Bad addiction.
Depends on your choice. Be wise.


  1. Sound like interesting game, will have a look at it! Thanks...

  2. I never play those games before, hehe~

    1. :)) Good, playing games is not good sometimes hehe!

  3. I am addicted in playing 2048 now hahhaa!

    1. I played it too :) But always can't get 2048, give up already~

  4. haha, sorry, not a fans of these games and didn't even download them.. i am still playing Minion Rush though, muahahahahaha!! :D

    1. You're busy ma~ wahh you play Minion Rush, not bad weh!!

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  6. I play candy crush and kitchen scramble, some kinda addicted to them, LOL.

    1. I get addicted to Candy Crush before, played until level 510++


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