Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dissection Of The Rat...SO CRUEL!!!

Three days ago, we had finished our last biology experiment.
Unfortunately, last experiment was felt like vomiting, feel nauseated! We had to dissect a RAT!! 
It's still alive! Some more they're so CUTE...Look!!

I'm a killer! Wu...wu...wu... I did not want to do it because I never dissected anything in my life. The thought of cutting an animal into sections to see what is it looked like really grossed me out. I kept thinking how am I going to do this so I won't be so grossed out. I knew I could not say NO to this experiment due to the possibility of getting an EGG "ZERO".

I ended up doing it and it was not as bad as I thought. I really did feel sorry for the rat even though it was dead. Actually I don't know it was dead or not, because I saw the heart still beating!! Like this, lup...dup...lup...dup...slow heartbeat... 

I would not dissect anything ever again if I had a choice. Moreover, it's an experiment I won't forget in my life... I think so.

By the way, I can only pray for animals killed, here is what to recite while praying. You can read it out to help animals release souls from purgatory and expiate the sins of the dead. Don't think that once animals have been killed, all are finished (一了百了). It's definitely wrong

So, I recite nianfo (念佛) and "往生咒". Please, it's NOT superstition!! 
For Allah, they said "If one recites ten times Suurah al-Ikhlas, Allah will build a palace for them.(Same for animals)" 
For Buddhism, recites 往生咒 for 7 times to help them release souls from purgatory.

If you unable to read "wang sheng zhou (往生咒)", at least recite nianfo(念佛) "Amitabha(阿弥陀佛)" as many times as you can to surpass(超度) them. 
In conclusion, after I had finished dissecting the rat, I feel that this experiment not only grossed me out, but also feel boring when saw into sections. Hence, maybe I won't be a doctor in future. Last but not least, GO SHOOT! We look Professional ^^

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