Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How Can You Be Selected For The Job?


As I said before, I study in Form 6. If you ask me why I take form 6
Absolutely, because of the COST!
STPM is famous with LOW COST throughout Malaysia.

Let's get to the point.
These 2 days, our school have PNP. It's all about Motivation
Oh no, SPEECH again man!

#Today 7.15 am#
I still haven't decided whether to go to school or not
as teacher no need to teach us, means that we don't have homework yeah~~
But my final decision is... Go School...Luckily I went to school! It's because I get something new! Maybe for you it's not new already. Anyway just want to share^^

Objective: Tips to be the one selected for the job
Nowadays, we are constantly being told that we live in a competitive world in which innovation is the main driver towards growth and prosperity. As a competitive student, we should learn to become a well-rounded individual, who seeks opportunities and actively pursues growth both socially and professionally. 

It is not enough to excel academically.To be considered for any Professional School, we have to focus holistically: academically; scholastically with honor societies, clubs, and organizations; socially within your community through service, missions, leadership and volunteer work; and professionally through shadowing, work, internship(s), and related field experience. 

Like what Puan(lecturer) said, we need to change "Attitude" first before step into the society. Don't think you are sharp or excellent when you get excel in your scholastic attainments! Your first impression(few seconds) and perfomance are very very important when you are interview a job! Everyone knows that self-confidence is the key to success.Of course, if you have high self-confidence, that's good, but don't be over self-confidence as you will become arrogance and self-esteem! Just remind and reflect yourself.

The real world is not as easy as a video games...
The real world is not easy to live in. It's slippery. It's rough! Oh no, too far from my point. Let's get back to the point haha~

Now my point is that how to be the one selected for your job, right?

Learn as much as you can about the company where you wish are applying. Do internet research. Shop at convenience stores near the building and ask people what they know. If there are customers or retail outlets that feature products, check those sources for information. Look at stock history, if a publicly traded organization. Find out who the officers are and what their backgrounds are.

Consider how you can enhance your personal appearance options by trying to be the most appealing worker for the position. Once you understand what their better employees may look like, do the steps to obtain the look. Here you should ask an honest friend if you look like the company's employee.

Construct your application/resume keeping in mind, that you are the employee. Your past accomplishments are important but the overall effect of your application process should show that you are the position they are looking for. Again, show your work to an honest friend and if your application/resume conveys that you are the employee.

Send in your finished application and resume and prepare yourself for the interview opportunity. You want to go into the interview able to express clearly that you are the employee who performs this position, the one you are applying for. Make a strong connection with the interviewer(s)so you show you are an easy person to talk with. That also shows a level of integrity, which will help you to be hired.

Nextime, I will discuss about the tips for Resume Writing.

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