Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stress again !!== Because of Teacher's


Arghhhh...I feel so stressed with my STPM now.
Originally, I feel happy with my senior as he get 4 flat!
But, when I went to school yesterday
I realize that it's actually the only boy who get 4 flat.
Especially in biology subject, only one get B+!!
Some more 2 students fail!!
You can imagine what will happen with my teachers...

No mood to teach, a distressing situation...and give us stress!!! Because of teacher's, my stress mode come back again! SxxT!!! Moreover, I'm scared of chemistry....Too many equation to do! Next 2 week, monthly test is coming, but I still not prepared at ALL! On the other hand, our teacher expect us to get 70++! OMG...Don't know what will happen...

Please help me, God. Amitabha.

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  1. stress for chemistry is normal...i myself even failed chemistry before...but dun worry, when you familiarize yourself with the theory and apply it...viola, out of a sudden you are expert in it. But I am wondering, what makes you want to take STPM?


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