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What Should I Do Next After STPM? Sharing^^ STPM后该怎么办呀?

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STPM 2010 results out today with 46,780 students (92.49 percent compared to previous year 92.55 percent) obtained a full pass in at least one subject in last year's Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) examination and eight candidates scored 5As (previous year 15). Results asides; the million-dollar question that popped in the minds of most STPM results holders is “WHAT can I do next after STPM? STPM后该怎么办呀?” So here is a quick post on the endless possible options you can choose.

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Know your options

  1. Apply local public universities (IPTA) – this is the most common choice given most of the STPM result holders do plan to further their studies at local public universities ever since they decided to go form six.

    Do visit http://upu.mohe.gov.my for the IPTA application (Deadline: 4th April 2011) or https://pohon.usm.my for USM application (Deadline: 28th March 2011) and carefully read the comprehensive IPTA infos and useful guides provided.

    List of 20 IPTA you can choose [linked to respective Wikipedia entry]:
  2. Go to local private colleges or universities
  3. Further your study oversea
  4. Apply scholarships – Do you know they are actually plenty of scholarships available for STPM result holders?
  5. Visit upcoming education fairs – This is especially helpful if you plan to do your degree at local private education institutions as the respective representatives from most private universities and colleges will show up at education fairs.
  6. Ask for help at education related websites, forums - Among the best are ReCom.org [English] and QuanSheng.org [Chinese]
Specially Thanks (Resources): http://www.malaysia-students.com/

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  1. upcoming education fair is at midvalley, 12-13 march 2011.


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