Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why I take STPM? It's Not Play play man...

Frankly speaking, I spend 45 minutes on my blog everyday...Is it affecting my exam results? Hehe, I don't know. But, It's my interest.

Well, a blog walker ask me the reason why I take STPM as I was complain and stressed yesterday haha! Hence, today I decide to write about this topic.

I thought that YOU might have faced the same situation.I often hear people saying this "DO NOT GO FORM 6, It's a waste of time". STPM is not as easy as you think. I've had a p.h.D teacher in my school who said " form 6 is the hardest exam in your life. if you can go through it , there is no doubt you will do well in universities!" If you ask me what is the reason of taking Form 6, I would say because of "LOW COST"! It is a economize and cheapest pathway to University. Taking form 6 not only save money, but also for no target person, which is me!

Nothing is Impossible!! Maybe many people would think that if you get so-so result in form 5, better you don't take STPM! It's because STPM is extremely hard++ than SPM. Please don't think like that! It just depends on your attitude!! If you can learn from mistakes, change your attitude and study++ hard in STPM, nothing impossible for you to get straight A's ! I am not lying. 

For example, he/she study for two hours in one day and can pass with flying colours. For you, WHY won't you take more time to study?

Although I don't have any ambition or dreams, but if you asked me if I regret going to form 6, I would easily answer you "NO". Form 6 is the 2 years I enjoy the most in my high-school life. It was also the only time where I look forward going to school and enjoying my time even though during the many exams I had. 

One of the hardest part to go through was that in form 6 there is a lot of test going on. I even had times where my whole month is filled with test and quizzes. Form 6 is also the time where i realize three hours is like 3 minutes!!! Most of my papers are three hours, and i am still rushing for it. 

Hence, three hours is nothing to me now. Time flies~ I had a lot of fun in form 6 and being the eldest in the school. So to those of you who are going to form 6, I wish you all the best and I GUARANTEE you will have a fun-filled 2 years like I did. Good luck!

*Remember, nothing is impossible.


  1. I also took STPM. Although my results were not very good but I didn't regret. =)

  2. well written.
    i guess from the article above, you had answer my question ^.^
    wish you all the best, and...(pardon me...where is your form 6 school?) a phd teacher in your school...wow!!!


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