Thursday, September 20, 2012

How to Respond When You Saw Someone Being Mugged?

"What would you do if you saw someone being mugged or robbed?" Have you ever experienced similar situation before? Would you help them even if it put you at risk or just walk away? It is a big question that everyone should take time to think. This question has been on my mind throughout daily newspaper about a chinese girl being robbed. It is quite astonishing that this affair happened in supermarket! Hey, it is public place, there was crowded with people! What shocked me was that there was a security guard around! Nobody lifted a finger to help or even called the police. Imagine you are the victim, how would you feel? Is "bystander society" nowadays? Is today's goverment or society corrupt?

I believe in Karma. If the good is sown, the good is collected. When positive things are made, that returns well. - Yannick Noah
I totally agree with this quote. For example, if you can't lend a hand when somebody get robbed, hopefully you are lucky forever without facing any difficulties.

I have discussed this topic in greater detail with different social stratum. A majority of people clarified that they can't respond to the incident, as it happening in just few seconds, most of them were stood there and completely stunned. Few citizens explained that they are fearful of the vengeance from robbers as they live around. A minority of people stated that it is none of their business, why they want to get in the trouble?

To avoid more incidences of victims being mugged, especially it may threaten your family! We must cooperate to save our society. From our discussion, here is the solution. Perhaps it is imperfect, but atleast can put them away. Remember that fighting is not the solution! You are not wrestler or even boxer, individualism can often get you into trouble, hence kindly use your wisdom.

Remember that there is no time for you to hesitate! There is no good excuse for failing to help them. Unity is strength.
a) If you have a great physical strength, dustbin or anything else that can stop muggers moving is around, use that to throw at the muggers!

b) If you are not that strong, chasing them too and pull the others hand and continue chasing. You will realize that many of them were not actually refused to lend a hand, but stunned over there and waiting someone to awake them!!
When you think that it is your obligation to save your country or living environment, you won't feel indecisive or hesitate again. You will take action. Keep in mind that solidarity is power, solidarity means victory.

c) Use your voice, shouting!!!

d) Call police, press 999. But this method is less effective in public places. As polices are not around and these cases occured in just few seconds. As the saying goes, near friend is better than far-dwelling kinsman.

For those who live around, instead of being afraid of reprisal or revenge, why don't you stand up to fight them back? Would you like to live under dread circumstance and could lead to tragedy?

These solutions are mainly for public place, not alleyway. Be aware and press 999 (call police) if you saw anything happenned especially in the night (alleyway, bus stop, petrol station, street, roadside)! Sometimes your sympathy can get you into trouble, too.

I believe that many people get affected by news about drivers get mugged when they get down from the car. But atleast help to call ambulance when you saw people get injured at the roadside, whether assure or not, please have a look, perhaps they are waiting for your help! There is a well-known Buddhist saying in China: “It is better to save one life than to build a seven-story pagoda.”

Karma and effect? Lend a hand and you could make a difference.


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