Thursday, June 13, 2013

If my smiley face disappeared, means I'm tired.

Yesterday was Duanwu festival. Wish everyone Happy Dragon Boat Festival!
Time flies superb fast and only know that yesterday was Dumpling festival after being told by friends >.<
Mom went to nearest pasar and only found 8 dumplings. Haiz, all have forgotten about it~

Such a crazy short semester. 7 weeks is enough to kill me.
Classes from Monday till Wednesday end at 6 p.m. Need to conduct experiment, attend experiments, and write report as usual. Join some extra activities to plan and enjoy my future joyful activities but the process is totally killing me. It's common sense, if you need something, you need to contribute something for sure. So that's why need to spend extra time to duty and meeting and planning. No wonder it is so called "extra"curricular activities =.= I love this kind of busy lifestyle but it makes me tired and drives me crazy sometimes!!

Hence, if you see me looking cool or not smile, it is definitely because I'm too tired!! When I'm tired, please don't torture me to smile as it's hard to maintain smiley face arghhhh. I know there are these kinds of people, but is not me LOL. Anyway, I will try. If I didn't say HI to you, 99% is because I didn't see you or under blur unconscious condition, not because attempt ignoring you =D In fact, I love to make friends and enjoy talk with you all because everyone has their unique personality and style. Some of you are cute, smart, stylish, optimism, strong leadership, independent, friendly, good-tempered, artistic and so on. Everyone has merits and demerits and I learned good from you sometimes.

If my smiley face disappeared, means I'm tired. I'm not that kind of emotional or bipolar okay, if you think that tired is a kind of emotional, it's up to you. I would prefer to be quiet and silence if extremely tired. Such an annoying term.....!

Most people may misunderstand me, think that I'm a serious person. Yes, if it comes to the project or assignment or serious issue, I tend to be serious. Neither project nor tired issue, I'm still a happy person =) I like to laugh in my own way! Maybe time will prove everything? In fact, I don't need to care about others perception, but throughout the process, I tend to find out more about myself.

Perhaps you would think I'm just too over, but I just try to challenge myself, at least once in a lifetime? You never know how far can you go if you don't try. In certain situations, I agree that people are like rubber bands (my topic in one of the subject). Rubber bands need to be stretched always in order to increase the tensile strength. We pull, and release, then pull again, and release again. So that the rubber bands can be stretched to their maximum and reach highest peaks and greatest distances. You may find it difficult to stretch yourself at the beginning, but afterwards you may discover the enchantment of the process and enjoy the personal achievement in the end =) If you didn't stretch yourself for so long time, maybe will like rubber band, it breaks when pulled.

On the other hand, academic studies and extracurricular activities are not the only things exist in this world. There are much more things to learn. As the saying goes, one is never too old to learn. My world is just too small and limited, so that's why easily get affected by surroundings! My motivation goal for this semester is to challenge my potential bottom line. I quite envy to those who can still maintain energetic and perform well in both academic studies and curricular activities/ working! Even it's challenging, but if you can manage it, it is quite a good experience.

Recently saw few fresh couples at university. Genuinely speaking, I'm glad of them XD I always feel that world is full with LOVE: security love (type of love parents have for their children), platonic love (simplest love, neither strings attached nor sexual intention. A pure, friendly we experience from a very young age, like the kind of relationships you share with siblings, close childhood friends, or grownup friends), limerence and crushes, unrequited love (one sided love), selfish love, same sex love, romantic love (eg. Love at first sight), self-love, friendship love, unconditional love, entertainment love (eg. TV, music). Although the couples are around, but if you look deep, actually there are more singles. The fact we see so many couples are because 11 out of 10 couples will go to cinema or join outdoor activities more often in order to maintain their relationships. For single, the frequency of cinema visits is obviously less than couple because single can still have another kinds of activities.

We can't judge that singles could have lonely lifestyles because they may don't have time to commit to romantic relationships or can't find the right person. We also can't judge that couples will definitely have joyful or colorful lifestyles because they might experience suffering too. I'm not saying that be single or couple is better. Because it is totally two different experiences. Nothing is definite. It depends on how you see it. We can choose how we behave or act. Just be yourself. Sometimes, happiness lies in contentment (知足常乐) =] Be satisfied with what you have in all the varying circumstances of life such as relationships with family, friends, or lover is a branch of learning.

Be content with what you have, rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you. - Lao Tzu

Last but not least, I love my family.
Thanks to them that accompany and assist me throughout my life.
Without them, I can't perform my role so well.
I love my country. Malaysia provides me the greatest moment without natural disaster, so I can have enough food and water, so I able to fight hunger but not experience it all the times such like India and Cambodia, so I able to love others. Without anyone, we can't even fulfill our basic needs such as food, drinks or shelters.
I love my friends. We have different personality, different backgrounds but we always support and tolerant of each other.
I'm proud to be vegetarian, so no animals being killed because of me.
I'm proud to have religion, so I understand the truth of life and learn to be a moral person.  

Learn to appreciate everything you have.
Learn to give something you have.
It is better to give than to receive.
Nothing in this world is necessary or compulsory be there for you.
I'm not kind-hearted, but just learning to be grateful.

Song of the Day: “大家 Everybody” by Cho Lam Wong and Ivana Wong.
Good Night.

A last critical question: How not to get easily influenced by surroundings?
Expose to more problems? Learn more? Think too much?


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