Thursday, March 27, 2014

Big Bad Wolf Books Cheapest Sales @ MIECC, The Mines

Such a hectic busy week.
Two assignments due on the same day this week, one more assignment to complete before next Monday, but since I need to join camp this weekend, thus must finish the report by these two days huuhuu~~ Apologize that I haven't visited everyone's blogs yet, will visit soon after I come back from the camp ya.

In case some of you don't know, I should post this as early as possible because this event lasts till this Sunday, 30/3/2014.
Three days left.

Everyone can go there and have a look~
The rule of this books sales event: Ignore the labelled price, just put as many books as you can in a box (the highest record: 60 books) for only RM100, but you must purchase a "box". There are two types of boxes: RM79.90 and RM99.90. My record is only 35 books because we have put some big cover books as well =D

For those who have kids, you may go there because there are a lot of books for children too!!! A mother comments that she bought RM700+ books with just a box costed RM100.

I have visited there two days ago. Actually I'm not book lovers, but because I have RM250 book vouchers (forced by the government to get the book vouchers) =,= If not, I can apply for BR1M cash geh @.@ Btw, I only spent RM50 because I shared the cost with my friend. It is really hard for me to fill up the box with books! It is not because there are no books, but I know that I wouldn't read even buy so many books wahaha~ I personally think that Penang Book Sales has more nice titles than our book sales, perhaps this is the main reason of why the books here are so cheap? But you still manage to search some nice books for sure =) There are categories such as Fiction, Manga, Malay Novel, Children, Young Adult, Transportation, Art and Architecture, Travelling, History, Cookery, Religion and New Age....

Venue: The Mines, MIECC (3rd Floor)
Time: 11a.m. - 9 p.m.

1. Train: Reach at Serdang KTM, within 10 minutes walking distance to The Mines. It is unnecessary to pick the cab or bus route. You are not allowed to cross the opposite road to The Mines, you will need to pass through "The Heritage" along the way to The Mines. Ask people will do.
2. Bus: U41 RapidKL reach The Mines.

Done, back to assignment.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Proud of Sister ~ 9 A's SPM 2013

I have actually started writing this post two days ago because I believe my sister will definitely pass the SPM with flying colors as usual and I intend to complete it right on the SPM result release date. But based on my style, no matter in doing assignments or blogging, I must start earlier because I cannot concentrate on doing something quietly until finished in one day. Sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit (Many a little makes a mickle) is my pattern hoho.

To summarize, today is my sister's big day. I'm proud of her achievement =D Muacksss!
I definitely will share this good news to my peers, relatives and the WHOLE WORLD.

My friends have asked me before whether I'm feeling uncomfortable when my sister has better academic performance than me since in primary school times. Honestly, I don't have such feel because she deserves it!! It is not because of luck such like winning lottery, but because of her hard work and spirit of persistence in achieving goals. She has inspired me that we should fight for our goal when we're young instead of wasting time.

In fact, I personally think that my result was not that bad la. Even cannot get A's in some subjects, but still manage to get B+. Everyone has grown up including me, understand that academic result is not everything. There is always something worth fighting for throughout our life. Try our best is the way, thus no regret =)

We have even open selection (赌盘) for everyone to guess the number of A's my sister get before checking the result. Of course I guess it correctly haha =D

I thought excellent students would like to pursue courses such as medicine, pharmacy, laws or etc. But Miss Chen says she's interested in actuarial science. Of course we will support her decision lah.

To check SPM 2013 result online, click the link: http://lp.moe.gov.my/semakan/
A memorable day, 20th March 2014.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wall-E (2008) Review + 700 hundred Years Later

Many bloggers said that my previous post about Eason is super long. If you notice it, I did mention that there are 2 sharing posts from others website loh. Maybe the "" word is not obvious?

Today don't have class, but I have spent my morning in watching Wall-E. Have you watched it before? It's an old movie in 2008. I watched it because one of the Eason's song.

As mentioned in the previous post, this song "七百年后 700 hundred years later" has aroused our emotional response and quite touching, but after watching this Wall-E video, I agree that this MV is more suits the song as compared to the original MV interpreted by Eason. The original MV is too sad, it's about the girl when she was diagnosed with cancer and Eason accompanied her until the end of life.

WALL-E Story's Plot
(You can ignore this part if it is too long.)
WALL-E movie (Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth) is to raise public awareness about environmental protection and Live Green. The story follows a robot named WALL-E, who is designed to clean up the waste in Earth. He falls in love with another robot named EVE (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator), who is designed to locate vegetation on Earth and verify habitability. Both robots show an appearance of free will and emotions similar to humans.

In 2805, Earth is covered in garbage due to decades of mass consumerism facilitated by megacorporation Buy 'n' Large (BnL). In 2105, BnL produces a lot of WALL-E trash compactor robots to clean the planet. However, most WALL-E robots can't adapt to the environment and shut down, except for one which develops sentience after 700 years of life-experience. He manages to remain active by repairing himself using parts from other units. Apart from his regular duties, he also collects artifacts of human civilization and keeps them in his home. But he feels lonely most of the time and hope someone can accompany him.

One day WALL-E discovers a growing seedling. Later, a spaceship lands and deploys EVE, an advanced robot sent from the BnL Axiom to search for vegetation on Earth. WALL-E falls in love with the initially cold EVE, who gradually softens and befriends him. When Eve sees the plant, automatically she stores it inside herself, and goes into standby mode waiting for her ship to retrieve her. WALL-E doesn't understand why EVE seems to have shut down, he tries different ways to reactivate her but fails. When EVE's ship returns and collects her, WALL-E clings to the ship and thus travels through space to the Axiom.

On the Axiom, the ship's passengers have become obese after centuries of relying on the ship's automated systems for their every need. Even the ship's 6th captain, McCrea leaves most of the ship's operations under the control of its robotic autopilot.

With the plant brought to the captain, EVE's recordings of Earth concludes that mankind must return to restore their ruined home. This leads to the captain's idea of going back home. However, the autopilot stops them from navigating the ship and severely damaging WALL-E, when he tries to protect the plant.

Finally the obese captain can stand up and switched off the autopilot. After the spaceship reaches the Earth, EVE immediately brings WALL-E back to his home where she repairs and reactivates him. After the repair, WALL-E no longer recognizes EVE, which reverting to his original programming as an emotionless waste compactor. EVE gives WALL-E a farewell kiss which jolts WALL-E's memory and his personality returns. WALL-E and EVE happily reunite as the humans and robots of the Axiom begin to restore Earth and its environment.

Source: Wikipedia.

Without a green plant in the world can be very severe and suffering. Thus, it is important to conserve our forests and replanting.
Save the planet, Save the environment.
Perhaps save the environment is one of the reasons in designing a lot of online games related to planting, such as FarmVille, HarvestMoon, Hay Day, and etc? So they instill such thoughts in our mind? =)

No need to wait for 700 years, now the pollution already makes us feel unpleasant. There's still haze recently, when can we get the fresh air? :(

I heard my mother saying that 4th Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir has set the time zone when he was still PM, but not sure whether he sets 1 hour or 2 hours GMT earlier? In fact, this decision was not good for our health in the long term, because the plants release oxygen in the morning only when the sun rises up. Plants absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) and give off oxygen which we and other creatures need to survive. I watched the children and adults in the Hong Kong drama wake up only when the sun rises. But in our country, we need to wake up and go out before the sun rises up, and the sky is still dark even it's already 7 a.m. The sun rises only when we start the class or working, we release CO2 and absorb CO2 simultaneously every morning, how can we survive leh?

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Eason Chan 陳奕迅 One of My Idol Singer 百听不厌的歌声

Besides Leslie Cheung (张国荣) and Eason Chan, I have more idol as long as they can sing a good song. Anyway, in this post, I just feel like post something about Eason Chan, 陳奕迅。

原来一切只不过就是 “好像”。

偶然在电台听到一首歌。结果有一句话一直在我脑海盘旋:肯相信我未 肯體恤我未 雙方要靠信任還是放餌。。。

这首歌,叫 《信任









为什么气息如此重要,因为只有气息推动声音,才能将本嗓音色完全发挥,稳定的演唱旋律。本嗓是唯一能体现歌手个性的音色,模仿没有出路。他唱慢板歌时对气息的控制尤为明显。随手举一个阿杜的例子:阿杜以唱慢歌为主,个人履历和歌声都很煽情,同时还是创作歌手,为什么会不见了?因为大家听腻了,为什么会腻呢?阿杜的沙哑是挤压出来的,所以它几乎没有变化,也没有厚度,很多人都能模仿,KTV 就常见到,近期热播的中国好声音里也有一些。可能有人会说:沙哑不是迷人的特点吗?事实上,滥用沙哑这种音色,加上较低的素养,会造成一成不变的僵化,一味苦情,只能开始听个新鲜,耐不住细听。杰出的流行歌手STING也是一位有着沙哑嗓音的歌手,为什么他又能经久不衰。除了出色的素养以外,还因为他有着极其高超的技巧,他的沙哑音色有无数微妙并合适的变化。
2.  情绪


4. 素养




但纯音乐研究实际意义其实并不是太大。在一些典型单曲中分析音的把握或许会更有意义些。提到陈奕迅的音乐表现就不得不提到《U-87》,一张让陈奕迅奠定地位的专辑。开篇的一曲《烂》就在副歌段连续出现一组a2,b2的高音,普遍认为比较好K的《阿牛》最高到g2,但全曲采用真声,张力十足。主打歌曲《夕阳无限好》最高假音连续到达a2和升a2,表现得非常投合歌曲的主题。外界评价颇高的《浮夸》音域达到16度,且整曲偏高,最低音仅到d1,最高音达e3,且全曲各处出现了诸多真声或假声的a2到b2的高音,其频繁的真假声转换Eason都轻松唱下,甚至在刚开始时欺骗了我的耳朵,让我误以为是连续的真音。《葡萄成熟时》高低音变换幅度极大,由最高的g2突降至一组a-c1的音,让人颇难适应。最高处的g2陈奕迅采用假声,表现起来似乎远强过真声。最后的小曲《大个女》同样在副歌段表现了多个a2音。而2006年《What’s going on…?》专辑却主打低音区。专辑中大部分歌曲低音都达到g,最低的《不如不见》甚至到e(此曲最高音仅为a1,让许多人怀疑此曲是被故意降调用来烘托歌词气氛)。唯一的例外是主打歌曲《富士山下》,最低音只有c1,最高假音却到了a2,且全曲偏高,副歌音高持续在d2-f2间。 


英皇时期由于公司策略问题,其音域方面的表现并不明显。我个人印象较深的一首《你会不会》从a到升f2,难在饱满地唱出高音。而《爱是怀疑》中的无数假声都在大约b2的位置。《十面埋伏》副歌中连续用真声唱到f2-a2可算是比较精彩的表现。几首热门金曲有很多难度都不甚高。《K歌之王》仅从a到g2,《明年今日》更只从b到e2。但亦有《Lonely Christmas》这样的假音唱到b2,另需真声连续数段唱出g2和a2的难度歌曲。 





当然,Eaosn的唱功绝非到了完美的地步。音乐界也出现了一些批评的意见。有人提出陈奕迅在现场表现中常因声带紧张影响声音表现力。当然,这一情况较多在演唱会的开场曲和单次的表演中出现,或许是没完全开嗓所致。对于气息问题,有人指其往往将歌曲的气口留得过死,而压缩了歌曲自由的空间。在少数歌曲中Eason似乎又把气音留得过于明显(一个例子是《Crying in the Party》)。 


然而以上提到的都不是陈奕迅具有打动人的歌唱力量的根本因素。Eason的歌唱核心永远都是感情表现。看起来陈奕迅像个大小孩,可只要一碰到音乐他就可以以最快的速度融入其中。无论什么主题,他都全心去演绎出歌曲的神采。陈奕迅对歌唱的挚爱是一种纯真的爱。2005年,当休整一年重登歌坛取得成功后,陈奕迅在各台颁奖礼上不断重复着“我真的很喜欢唱歌”,一年不参与唱歌仿佛让Eason失去了很多。一些采访中,陈奕迅也半开玩笑地表示,自己要一直唱到60岁。正是因为不仅仅追求一个简单的市场目标,我们才可以从他的歌中找到全方位的东西。香港近十年最著名的两位填词人都对陈奕迅推崇备至。林夕把张国荣和王菲当作自己的双臂,却将陈奕迅比为自己的心灵。林夕说陈奕迅是惟一一个在接到自己词作后会打电话来道谢的歌手,也是一个能将一首60分的歌曲唱到90分的歌手。1998年,林夕为陈奕迅写出了《我的快乐时代》,差不多十年后,Eason终于领悟到人生中的一些类似的东西,他特地致电林夕,表示自己终能体会到《我的快乐时代》歌中隐含的深层情绪。正是这种对每首歌的内涵都细细探究的精神让林夕放心地将一些深刻的东西交给Eason表现。有如《富士山下》,艰深的主旨“Sorrow is meaningless”很难一下看出,陈奕迅的表现却让人于歌中感触到了这种情绪。林夕写给陈奕迅的许多歌都需要时间和经历才能读得明白。而同陈奕迅私交甚密的黄伟文则尽力每年都将最好的作品留给陈奕迅。对写实非常在行,很擅长用讽刺手法的黄伟文常常写出一些让人看来有些“剑走偏锋”的歌词。陈奕迅从不对填词人的创作暗加限制,这让黄伟文有充分的发挥空间来揭露现实。


Saturday, March 8, 2014

Let's Pray for MH370 Airline Passengers and Crews (Malaysia)

Malaysia Airline MH370 plane goes missing.
No airline wants a tragedy. Pray for them.
It's not the time to criticize people.

The plane is too small in such a huge ocean.
Passengers included 152 China people, 38 Malaysians, 12 Indonesians, 3 Americans, 2 Canadians. There were also passengers from New Zealand, Italy, France, Ukraine, Russia, Netherlands, Austria and Taiwan.

Suspected crash site is in the ocean between Malaysia and Vietnam.
Hopefully everyone doesn't spread unconfirmed news and making wild speculation about the incident.
There are 7 countries joining the rescue and search for MH370 at the moment, including Malaysia, China, America, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore. Respect every effort.

8:50 p.m: The day was dark which increases the difficulty of searching the plane, goes missing for more than 15 hours.

Updating News (Chinese): http://view.inews.qq.com/a/NEW2014030800468504


Sunday, March 2, 2014

华裔警察特别招募活动 (2/3 - 30/4/2014) 马来西亚

華裔警察特別招募活動: Eksesais pengambilan khas jawatan Konstabel (lelaki/wanita) bagi menggalakkan kaum Cina menyertai PDRM bermula 2 Mac 2014 hingga 30 April 2014


根据官方报导,此招募是为了平衡三大种族在警界的比例。根据去年12月统计,马来种族一共有 90,156 人,印裔种族有3,659人,华裔种族却仅仅有 1,974人。
根据调查,华裔警员极少的主要因素有二:薪水低 父母不赞同。其实有很多人不知现今的警员 (Konstabel) 的薪水可以高达到 RM3,000 一个月 (包含所有福利)- Penolong Pengarah Perjawatan (Pengambilan) Bukit Aman ACP Saiful Azly Kamaruddin 

申请职位:Constable 警员
申请日期:2/3/2014 - 30/4/2014
学历:中五SPM 国语 及格 

1. 必须是大马华裔
2. 在截止日期 (30/4) 前不超过28岁
3. 高度:163cm (男),157cm (女) 
4. 体重:50kg (男),48kg (女)
5.  BMI 身高体重指数 19至26
6. 允许戴眼镜或隐形眼镜进行视力测试 达 V/6/9
7. 无色盲和听觉障碍
8. 须通过政府医药人员的医药检验,包括X-Ray检查

- Warganegara Malaysia (kaum Cina)
- Berumur tidak melebihi 28 tahun pada tarikh tutup iklan.

- Lulus SPM dengan mendapat kelulusan dalam mata pelajaran Bahasa Melayu (termasuk lulus Ujian Lisan)
- Telah menduduki SPM mengikut sistem terbuka dengan mendapat Kepujian di dalam 2 mata pelajaran dan Lulus Bahasa Melayu serta lulus dalam 3 mata pelajaran lain dalam satu peperiksaan atau dua peperiksaan dalam tempoh tiga tahun berturut-turut.

- Tinggi sekurang-kurangnya 163sm (lelaki), 157sm (wanita);
- Berat badan sekurang-kurangnya 50kg (Lelaki), 48kg (Wanita);
- Mempunyai ukuran Indeks Jisim Badan (BMI) di antara julat 19 hingga 26;
- Ukuran lilitan dada biasa 81sm dan 86sm semasa menarik nafas (Lelaki);
- Lulus ujian penglihatan bagi mata kiri dan kanan yang diuji berasingan dengan ketetapan V/6/9 menggunakan cermin mata atau Kanta Lekap (Contact Lens);
- Pengecaman warna dan pendengaran yang tidak cacat. DAN;
- Diakui sihat oleh Pegawai Perubatan Kerajaan termasuk pemeriksaan X-Ray.

- Permohonan hendaklah menggunakan borang yang boleh didapati secara PERCUMA di Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah berhampiran atau muat turun di pautan ini: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B1jGImY0Uc5BNG1tbzl3REN4RVE/edit

- Pemohon hendaklah hadir sendiri di IPD yang berhampiran untuk mengambil borang dengan membawa sijil asal SPM.
- Borang akan diberi kepada pemohon yang mencukupi syarat di para 3 dan para 5 (5.1, 5.2 dan 5.3) sahaja.
- Borang permohonan hendaklah diisi dengan menggunakan HURUF BESAR dan ditulis dengan ballpoint hitam.
- Borang Permohonan yang lewat diterima oleh pejabat ini selepas tarikh tutup iklan tidak akan diproses.
- Semua Permohonan hendaklah disertakan dengan:-
a). Salinan kad pengenalan dan sijil kelahiran pemohon;
b). Salinan kad pengenalan dan sijil kelahiran ibu bapa;
c). Salinan Sijil SPM dan kelulusan yang lebih tinggi.;
d). Salinan Sijil Berhenti Sekolah.

Borang permohonan yang lengkap diisi hendaklah dikembalikan ke Ibu Pejabat Polis yang berdekatan untuk diedarkan ke Unit Pengambilan, Bukit Aman atau dihantar terus ke alamat di bawah.

TEL: 03-22668350

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