Thursday, March 27, 2014

Big Bad Wolf Books Cheapest Sales @ MIECC, The Mines

Such a hectic busy week.
Two assignments due on the same day this week, one more assignment to complete before next Monday, but since I need to join camp this weekend, thus must finish the report by these two days huuhuu~~ Apologize that I haven't visited everyone's blogs yet, will visit soon after I come back from the camp ya.

In case some of you don't know, I should post this as early as possible because this event lasts till this Sunday, 30/3/2014.
Three days left.

Everyone can go there and have a look~
The rule of this books sales event: Ignore the labelled price, just put as many books as you can in a box (the highest record: 60 books) for only RM100, but you must purchase a "box". There are two types of boxes: RM79.90 and RM99.90. My record is only 35 books because we have put some big cover books as well =D

For those who have kids, you may go there because there are a lot of books for children too!!! A mother comments that she bought RM700+ books with just a box costed RM100.

I have visited there two days ago. Actually I'm not book lovers, but because I have RM250 book vouchers (forced by the government to get the book vouchers) =,= If not, I can apply for BR1M cash geh @.@ Btw, I only spent RM50 because I shared the cost with my friend. It is really hard for me to fill up the box with books! It is not because there are no books, but I know that I wouldn't read even buy so many books wahaha~ I personally think that Penang Book Sales has more nice titles than our book sales, perhaps this is the main reason of why the books here are so cheap? But you still manage to search some nice books for sure =) There are categories such as Fiction, Manga, Malay Novel, Children, Young Adult, Transportation, Art and Architecture, Travelling, History, Cookery, Religion and New Age....

Venue: The Mines, MIECC (3rd Floor)
Time: 11a.m. - 9 p.m.

1. Train: Reach at Serdang KTM, within 10 minutes walking distance to The Mines. It is unnecessary to pick the cab or bus route. You are not allowed to cross the opposite road to The Mines, you will need to pass through "The Heritage" along the way to The Mines. Ask people will do.
2. Bus: U41 RapidKL reach The Mines.

Done, back to assignment.


  1. The Big Bad Wolf book sales is sure an interesting place to go~

  2. oh you went there to spend your BB1M, haha, smart lah, because the books here are the cheapest.. and i actually like the idea of having a box, then stuff as many books as you can into the box, like having a book buffet, interesting!! :)

  3. so how many books you have got in total?? and what's the value of those books if you are going to pay for them one by one?? haha, must make sure they are more than RM50 else you rugi already.. hey, that little red book at the bottom "If You Have To Ask..", i have got this book also leh~~ :)

    1. Around 20 books, what I bought was considered as small books, that's why can fit into the box haha!
      OIC!!! because think that this book is cool then straight away put into the box~

  4. i went thr twice!
    but i juz bought the books from read malaysia :D


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