Saturday, June 21, 2014

这么多Nuffnang广告商出现在我家 市道不好?

在这个月里竟然有七个 CPUV campaigns 同时进行。

不用觉得惊讶,被这么多广告商抢放那部落仅有的三个位置,可想而知是被剥削了。一个广告才给那么几十仙,更加证明市道不好,连给广告费也给的那么少 >.<

而且注意到很多都是属于 Promoted Content,意思是邀请高游览率的博客主参与活动,再写文章,乃其中的宣传手法之一。我没参加过,因为都说我家的平均游览量确实不高呢呵呵~

因为这篇文章够短,翻译英文当然不是问题  :)

Although Nuffnang cannot bring in huge income, but it is more like a bonus for me every year.

There are many blog advertisements in my blog recently and it is the first time. Is it because of bad economy that makes company decide to advertise their products online? So even low traffic blog like mine also being chosen for the campaigns?

I'm not sure whether this situation is special, but it rarely happens in my blog as my blog has low traffic. So I decided to share it :)
7 Campaigns this month. As shown in the picture above.
Perhaps it is normal in your blog, but this is the highest record in my blog.

However, it is wrong if you think that you will earn more money because of so many campaigns running. My blog only has 3 different placements for advertisements, so the amount of money are actually even split. I receive so little money and you can see that it is not even reach RM 1 for each campaign. It again proves that bad economy might be the main reason behind it TOT.

If you notice, there are many promoted content written by the bloggers as well, but of course is the blogger who has high blog traffic. They get paid to write these posts. I never joined it before as my blog cannot reach large amounts of traffic in average.

Since this post is quite short, so I would love to write in English as well  :)


  1. 真的好多广告, 你也有好多地方给它们打广告!! ^^

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  3. wow, looks like your blog is becoming so popular and attracts advertiser!! you are making lots of money!! good~~ :)

  4. you have more ads now, got Google adsense? Congrats!

  5. Woah~~ I never study my adv. lol

  6. 哈哈,还不错啊!有广告当然好啊!

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  8. 想 请教 你 你所说 的 低流量 是 大概 一天 多少 呢?

    1. 你好!
      这部落的低流量指的是一天只有30/ 40来访左右。


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