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Essay 7: Many People Have A Close Relationship With Their Pets. These People Treat Their Birds, Cats, Or Other Animals As Members Of Their Family.


Many people have a close relationship with their pets.  These people treat their birds, cats, or other animals as members of their family. In your opinion, are such relationships good? Why or why not? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Sample 1#
Being near a pet, with a lot of people, always has positive and negative effects. There are a few people who do not want to have a close relationship with their pets and treat them as members of their family. But in my own experience, if we do that,we gain more than we lose.

When we are have a pet, it means we are have a great and loyal friend. Let’s take one example. After a hard-working day, I often get stressed and tense. But when I come home, my dog wags its tail and barks to welcome me home. It often makes me feel a bit better. I frequently take my dog to the park near my house. That is the time for me to relax, enjoy the fresh air, and escape from my problems in real life.

Besides, you can learn a lot from taking care of your pets. Throughout a long time taking care of my dog, I know how hard it is to raise and teach it to do the right things. And it reminds me about my parents, who always take care of me, stand by me when I need them. So, this can also teach us more about responsibility, love, etc.

In contrast, having a pet also brings with it a lot of troubles. You need to go to buy food when it is hungry, medicine when it is sick. It really takes you a lot of time to take care of them every day.

To sum up, I support the idea of a close relationship with our pets. If we treat them with a kind heart, they will love us back the same way.

Sample 2#
Everyone has normally had a pet at one point or another in their life. While some people may view their pets as nothing more than a toy that can be discarded(丢弃) at anytime, others believe that their pets are members of their family. I believe that pets are part of the family and should be treated as such because animals foster(培育) emotional development and help people's mental health.

First, pets encourage emotional development. As society becomes increasingly chaotic(乱纷纷) and global, people find it difficult to foster relationships. The lack of relationships will result in people feeling lonely at all hours of the day. 

However, if someone has a pet, the attention they can give and get in return will ease(缓解) their feelings of loneliness and isolation(隔离). A lack of interaction with other people will cause people to become less emotionally developed. Having a pet helps people not forget feelings of love, affection or other emotions. Pets prevent people from becoming emotionally distant(远端) and emotionless, still capable of having a relationship.

In addition, pets are good for people's mental health. These days, most people live hectic(忙乱) and chaotic lives, with little time to relax and relieve stress. A constant build up of stress can seriously affect someone's mental health. Knowing that a pet will be waiting at the door, almost smiling and saying welcome home can ease this mental burden. A hungry pet may follow an owner around as soon as they get home; even try opening the food cupboard. These actions will amuse(娱乐) the pet's owners, helping them relax and unwind(放松) by the humorous(幽默) antics(滑稽) of a pet. For example, as soon as I get home from school my cat likes to sit on my shoulders(肩膀) and cry until I take him for a ride in the car. He enjoys it when I put the window down so he can put his head out, his tongue hanging out like a dog. The looks I get at stop lights when other drivers see a 20 pound cat sitting on my shoulders sticking his head out of the window and purring softly always makes me smile and forget about the stress of exams and studying.

In conclusion, many people through out the world do not realize the value of pets and treat them like toys. Pets are very important and should be treated like a member of the family since they foster emotional development and help people maintain balanced mental health. A pets love and antics ensure people are able to relate to the world and don't become emotionally distant.

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