Thursday, April 14, 2011

MUET SPEAKING Questions Can Help Predict Your MUET WRITING Questions!

Did you know that 
MUET speaking questions 
can help us in MUET writing?
Well, i just now find out that 
MUET speaking questions 
can actually help develop 
our academic essays!

Firstly, i would like to thank 
MUET My Way blog 
for sharing information 
especially tips for writing 
as i am scared of writing part.

In fact, the quality of the 
speaking questions every year 
indicates the level of questions 
that might be asked in the 
other 3 papers on that year. 
As an exercise, you can use 
the speaking questions to 
write academic essays to 
show your linguistic and 
critical thinking skills. 

Here are the speaking questions
for Mid-year 2011. 
You can make it an Essay Question^^
For example: 
Write 350 words on 
what can be done to produce 
more world class sportsmen 
and sportswomen in Malaysia. 
Use 3 of the 4 points given: 
parents, public, school or 
ministry of youth and sports. 
Write 350 words on your 
suggestions for new compulsory 
subjects for form 6 students 
in malaysia. choose 3 of the 
4 points given: sex education, 
financial management, 
personal health or 
religious education.

Here are the 
MUET speaking topic
of Mid-year 2011
I paste here^^

1.Fast food outlet have many advantages.
Candidate A - Provides job opportunities
Candidate B - Provides convenient service
Candidate C - Provides various foods

Candidate D - Provides comfortable place for meals
Task B : Choose the most advantage provides by fast food outlet. 

2.The most beneficial TV program to people.
Candidate A - News
Candidate B - Documentary
Candidate C - Sport
Candidate D - Entertainment  

3.Internet contribute most at where? 
Candidate A - Business
Candidate B - Communication
Candidate C - Education
Candidate D - Entertainment 

4. As a employer, what is most important for a quality employee?
 Candidate A - Be hard working

 Candidate B - Innovative
 Candidate C - Work in Team Work
 Candidate D - Efficient

5.The most important decision that young adults should get the advices from their parents. 
Candidate A - Choosing a life partner 
Candidate B - Live by their own 
Candidate C - Study abroad
Candidate D - Buying a car

6.To bring joy to the underprivileged children in a orphanage on a children day.
Candidate A - A party
Candidate B - Short ride on helicopter
Candidate C - Fancy dress competition
Candidate D - Invite the celebrity

7.Violence against women. 
Who plays the most effective role in curbing this problem?
Candidate A - Women themselves
Candidate B - Authorities
Candidate C - Society
Candidate D - Mass media 

8.What the government should do to prevent dumping babies?

Writing Hot Topic:
*National Unity 

Best Of Luck!

Specially Thanks To: http://muetmyway.blogspot.com 


  1. t0morrow i going to sit for my muet speaking test... Do you have any good tips that kindly can help me to do well for my speaking test :)
    I need prediction question for my speaking test

  2. i feel so scared..huhu

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