Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Headache About The Essay! No Way!

"Ethnic Relation"?
Do you know how to explain that?
I don't know! What a headache topic!
It just like waste my time =.=
I have to explain the importance somemore...

Because of this, I haven't revise my Chemis yet!
Tomorrow have test! Ouch*
No way, no mood already~
Maybe blogging is a way to reduce headache?

the NTV7 10 p.m drama
has been transmitted on TV just now.
~Listening the end song. Quite nice. 断掌的女人

How? How to elaborate "Ethnic Relation" course?
Have to think think think! aRGh

On the other hand,
this friday is sports day.
Yeah, no need to study^^
Take a rest.

Have a question. 
Who went to KL last Saturday?
Hehe, actually I have tuition on Saturday.
But, luckily I shift to Friday!
It is because KTM was closed+

These few days,
there is smoky haze around us!
Everyone have to drink more water
and less consume fried food!
Take care.

Headache Headache Headache
Sleeping Dreaming Dreaming...
Good Night***

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