Tuesday, September 25, 2012

To Protect Eyes while Using Laptop? By Set Up Window Colour

Everybody understand the harmful effect of using too much computer or laptop. Hence, I'm not going to elaborate about the side effect of using computer. However, almost every individual requires to use computer everyday. Students used laptop to do their assignments, workers used it for their works and communication. It is quite hard to avoid us from dealing with computer. But, atleast we can minimize harmful level to our eyes.
One of the way is to adjust the brightness of the computer screen/window to protect our eyes.

Besides, you may set up screen/window colour.
For the sake of your eyesight, do the configuration to your computer. It is quite useful and you will feel more comfortable to your eyes.

Computer A:
a) Right click on Desktop --> Properties --> Appearance --> Advanced

b) Item Select (Window) --> Colour 1 (L) select "Others" -->
Hue: 85 (originally 160)
Saturation: 123 (originally 0)
Brightness: 205 (originally 240)

b) Add to customized colour. Click OK.
Then all the documents are not of dazzling black and white, but very soft green, which is suggested by ophthalmologist.

Computer B:
a) Right click on Desktop --> Personalize --> Window Colour --> Advanced appearance settings...

b) (Item) Select --> "Window" --> Colour 1 (select "Other") -->
Hue: 85 (originally 160)
Saturation: 123 (originally 0)
Brightness: 205 (originally 240)

c) Add to customized colour. Click OK.

You may set this configuration to Internet Explorer too.
a) Open Internet Explorer.
b) Menu Bar --> Tools --> Internet options --> General tab --> Accessibility
c) Tick "Ignore colours specified on webpages"
d) Click OK.
Soft green background, eye protection :))

1) Some content disappear (Internet Explorer).

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