Friday, January 7, 2011


Have you thought that you can actually earn money with your blog?
Here I want to introduce a Website ( Malaysians only)
that's Nuffnang!!!

If you want to use Nuffnang ads, you must sign up a blogger account first.
Steps 1: Go to Nuffnang Website
Steps 2: Click Sign Up Account (Links)
You have to fill up all the information accurately, surely have to
tick the 5 Terms and Conditions, then click Sign me Up.

要用nuffnang首先当然是sign up一个blogger的account。。

1)nuffnang 网站
2)sign up account 点击 ,一定要填完里面的东西,而且资料是正确的,当然还要tick 5个Terms and Conditions,然后按sign me up。。

Steps 3: After you sign up, Nuffnang will sent you the email to verify your registration.
You go to check you mail box and click the verify link.
Steps 4: After verify your registration, you have nuffnang account.
Firstly, you must add blog to Nuffnang, that means add your blog URL
to your nuffnang , click [ blog manager]

3) 有了account过后nuffnang会sent email to verify your registration,所以去你的mail box按了就能了。 =)
4)有了nuffnang户口,第一件事就是add blog to nuffnang。意识就是把你自己的blog地址加去你的nuffnang。。按 [ blog manager]

because of [ blog manager] is at other side,
so you have to click green button (click here for more items) first

因为[ blog manager]是在另外一面,所以要按青色那个click here for more items

then you will see blog manager button.
然后就会看到blog manager了。

Steps 5: You will notice this after click (blog manager) button.
5)按进去了blog manager就会看到这个

Then, please fill-up your blog name, blog URL and Language.
然后写上你的blog name,blog url,还有language

Steps 6: You will get this after completed

That arrow means ADS PREFERENCE
Have 4 choices, Minimize Ads /Show Charity Ads/ Show Default Ads / Show Global CPC Ads
Most of the people will choose show global CPC ads.
CPC mean Cost Per Click, need people click the advertisement to earn money.
So, I advise you to choose Show Global CPC Ads

Steps 7: After complete these info, go to add ad
You have to put
the ads on header,
to put on sidebar and to put between contents


里面有四个选择:Minimize Ads /Show Charity Ads/ Show Default Ads / Show Global CPC Ads
大多数人会选择show global CPC ads。。CPC mean Cost Per Click。。要人家click 你的advertisement才能赚。。(对吗??这个我不是很清楚,半桶水)

7)完成了所有东西,就去 add ad 在[blog manager] 上面,进去后就会看到这些
有 to put on header, to put on sidebar, to put between contents。

For the friends who do not understand, please look at right side,
click "blogger" button. There are few steps to teach you how to put the Ads.

8)放完了所有东西就注意看自己的membership status:Glitterati
Steps 8:
After put all the ads,
notice that your membership status become
Glitterati or not?

The membership status for new members (just sign up) is
Non-glitterati. If Nuffnang know your blog just put only its advertisement.
You will become glitterati later, that means your account will be upgrade.

在刚刚sign up时是non-glitterati的。。如果nuffnang确定了你的blog只有nuffnang一个advertisement公司过后他就会变成glitterati了。。意思说你的account将会增值。

For those don't understand, you can ask me.

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